Cargo Walker (a.k.a. 'Ted')


These pieces of equipment can be found at warehouses and spaceports across human space and the exo-loader forms the basis for a number of different machines used in a variety of industrial and commercial roles.

Andre C 19 Heavy Materials Handler Human Physical Analogue Tool

The Andre C 19 HMHHPAT, usually called simply a ‘Hump-it’, is a battery-powered, articulated exoskeletal framework used for lifting small, heavy objects. It is widely available and a common site in shipyards.

The ‘Hump-it’ is something like an oversized human skeleton in appearance, with arms and legs and a torso cage to protect the operator’s head and body. The operator climbs into the cage, rests his weight on the seat, places his feet into the feet of the ‘Hump-it’and his hands onto the controls near the far end of the arms. When the operator moves his limbs, the ‘Hump-it’ moves its limbs in response but it enhances the operator’s movement, allowing him to
lift 15 times as much weight as he could lift unassisted. Walking is made simple through gyrostabilisers and automatic locks that virtually prevent falls. The long arm span of the ‘Hump-it’ allows the operator to lift objects that are up to two meters across.

Strength Modifier +6
Dex Modifier –2
Armour 0
Speed (Walk/Run) 2/10
Duration 6 hours
Shipping Size 0.15
Special Equipment: TL 9

((stolen from better description in 2300 AD; NIck note that 2300 version is TL 8 whereas CT version is TL 9, so you might want to upgrade this slightly))


Cargo Walker (a.k.a. 'Ted')

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