Mustered Out on Mertactor


First Day on the Job

The party members are rudely awoken at 0600 and quickly get ready, have some hideous slop that’s called breakfast before it’s time for them to go on duty.

It’s a steep learning curve for most of the party members. Taeva in particular makes a real mess of it and has the other guards on her back. Jie seems to enjoy her job the most as she has happy memories of her time drilling cadets back in the Marines and relishes the opportunity of giving the inmates as hard a time as she can get away with. This makes her very popular with the other guards who seem to really appreciate anyone who can give the inmates as difficult a time as possible. She does seem to be getting a reputation as being tough with the inmates as well.

It is only Arvor in the kitchens who manages to learn some useful information though. Using his skills of investigation, he gets chatting with one of the other guards he is working with and learns that, every now and again, an ATV turns up to take away some of the more troublesome prisoners. Not wanting to arouse any suspicions by appearing too interested in this new information, Arvor gently asks a few more questions, but soon learns that this low-level guard doesn’t really know a great deal more than this. He doesn’t know when the ATV shows up, exactly how the prisoners are selected or where the ATV goes. He does know, however, that none of these prisoners ever return to Prison 239 and that the guards escorting the prisoners are not regular employees.

The rest of Arvor’s shift is without incident and he clocks off, as do the other party members at 1900. Over dinner, well out of the earshot of any of the other guards, he passes on the information that he has learned to the others.

“Will, do you think that you can try and find out anything more about these ‘collections’ from the Records Office?” Grim asks.

“I will see what I can do during tomorrow’s shift,” he replies.

Arvor asks some of the other guards what happens with the most dangerous prisoners at the prison.

“Well there’s a difference between the biggest trouble makers and the ones that are in the most shit,” the guard explains. “The clever ones have got their backs covered. The stupid ones who haven’t made any friends are either put in solitary in Block 4 or else they have work on the lower levels where the seams are narrower and there are higher chances of cave ins.”

Jie asks for the names of some of the biggest trouble makers.

“Big Alf is one of the main gangleaders here,” the guard replies. “He runs Block 1 with his gang. And Jerry Zanevach is his main rival who runs Block 2.”

“What is the main currency here?” Arvor asks.

“Drugs,” the guard replies. “Same as in any other prison.”

The party members spend the rest of the evening chatting, but realize that there is not much else they can do until they have more information about the ‘collections’ and so they head to their bunks, hoping that Will can rustle up a little more information from the records.



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