Mustered Out on Mertactor


Christmas in Jump

Time in jump passes as slowly as it does on every other jump – perhaps even more slowly as the party members wonder whether they have made the right choice in agreeing to spend some time in prison, even if they will be going as prison guards rather than prisoners – and for a limited period as well.

Karolina spends the meal times telling the party members what they are likely to encounter as prison guards so that they are not completely clueless when they start the job. It certainly sounds like a pretty grim existence – this is certainly not going to be the most glamorous mission that the party has undertaken.

As well as his regular training activities, Grim also spends his time in jump putting together the Princess’s damaged M-Drive from the new parts that they bought while on Grote. This keeps him busy for several days as he assembles the hundreds of different parts to make the drive whole again so that Max can try and sell it when they next have some time in a decent port.

On 359, everyone emerges from their staterooms to see that the passenger common room has been transformed in a festive wonderland, with decorations everywhere.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!” cry Autumn and Max who have obviously been up all night working on getting everything ready for the occasion.

Max is dressed in the full Santa outfit.

“Unfortunately, Santa knows very well that you’ve all been bad boys and girls this year so he ain’t got any presents for any of you,” Max grins.

“But we do have plenty of festive food and drink for you all,” says Autumn.

Everyone takes a break from their training routines to enjoy Christmas in traditional fashion – getting absolutely wasted and watching old holovids on the screen until everyone is feeling uncomfortably full and drunk by late evening time.



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