Mustered Out on Mertactor


Departure from Grote

Grim is up early to finish off the monthly maintenance and so easily has it finished ready for departure time at 2pm.

The rest of the crew members get into their positions for take off and will goes through the launch sequenced together with Jie and Arvor.

The laidback Port Authority staff have no problem in giving the Unguin’s Princess permission to depart and so, at exactly 14.00, the ship pulls away from its dock and heads on the relatively long journey to jump diameter.

It’s a relaxed atmosphere on the journey with no regular passengers to take care of again and everyone is quite happy that they have a stateroom each again. Karolina is a good passenger to have and is happy to help Autumn out with her duties.

Most of the crew are asleep when the ship finally reaches jump diameter at 0400 the following day and safely slips into hyperspace.


Going TOO Mithras


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