Mustered Out on Mertactor


Preparing to Depart

The party members meet up for a late breakfast to discuss their intentions for the day.

“The repairs are all fixed now,” Grim reports. “I just need another day or so for the monthly maintenance. We should be ready to leave tomorrow now we won;t need to take on passengers.”

“I’ll get all of the goods loaded today then,” Max says.

“Maybe we should take the body back to Mithras,” Jie suggests.

The others agree and so she goes off to find it, assisted by Will and Arvor. They find the body on ice at the local hospital. Not knowing quite what to do with it, the hospital don’t take too much persuading to release it, and so they head off back to Unguin’s Princess with it and deposit it inside one of the low berths.

Max arranges for the goods to be loaded and then there is nothing that the others can do other than wait for Grim to finish the repairs. Grim works a long day, finally having had enough by 10pm.

“I just need a few more hours tomorrow morning,” Grim says. “I suggest setting a departure time of 2pm.”

“I’ll book it in now,” says Will.

The party members go out for one last night enjoying some Grotian hospitality. Fortunately, this time around, the night out is a lot less eventful than the night before. Grim is pretty tired after a full day’s work though and the others head back with him to get an early night.


Hi, I’m back. Sorry to read that technical difficulties prevented Sunday’s session. Also sorry to read that we’re off to prison. Will refuses to share a cell with any bloke named Bunny. For the rest of you though (males), he prescribes several treatments with his new Techtronics Medical Bodily Orifice Enlarger. It was included in Jie’s order of 4875 trauma packs—some sort of bonus for the largest trauma pack order ever. Will’s dying to try it out.


LOL! Actually, thanks to the creation of the network “grimstead2012”, we were able to play, but Nick still has some sorting to do if we want to play with 6 (Nick plus the five of us)! I have faith he’ll get it straightened out over the week! Anyway, we’re posing as Guards, not Cons, so you needn’t worry about testing your beviant medical devices Herr Doktor…


Well, what else are prisoners good for if not evil medical experiments? Still, Will cannot hide a certain disappointment.


Oh fine, when we get there you can have 1 prisoner to play with. Just one, mind you, so make him last…lol


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