Mustered Out on Mertactor


Shopping on Grote

It’s mid-morning when most of the party members stir, many of whom are feeling much the worse for wear following the partying of the night before.

There’s still no food on the ship, so they all head out to the Lucky Heather restaurant for the well-known hangover cure that is the Full Grotean Breakfast.

Max is feeling to ill to talk much to start with, but as the black pudding, fried sausage, friend bread and fried bacon hits his system, he slowly comes back to life.

“Right then,” he says. “So it’s shopping day today. Tell me what you all want.”

“Here’s the list from Engineering and Damage Control sections that Taeva and I made up," says Grim. “We’ll need 3 to 5 tons of spares if we’re gonna keep gettin’ in fights out in the big cold empty.”

“Let’s get 5 tons this time,” says Max. “It was a pretty close run thing at Talchek. A bit more damage and we’d ‘ave been stuck there for good. It’s not as if we can’t afford it.”

“Taeva and I would also like to get a couple of repair bots, Spiderbots they’re called,” Grim continues. "They’ll each need to have a Mech 1 program resident and we’ll slave them to my engineering datapad for more intricate repairs. If possible, we thought a Prowlerbot to patrol the cargo hold would be a good idea too. Taeva? You wanted some Fast Drug and an Anti Personnel Energy Scanner? Also Max, if you can find one, a Probe Drone would be useful. And, by all means sell the spare Engine and fighter parts here, unless you want to keep it as a permanent backup? That’ll take up cargo space though…” says Grim.

“I’ll have to see what I can do with these drones,” Max replies. “They’re a bit specialized and so they might now have them here and so they will have to wait until Glisten.”

“I reckon we might as well get rid of the fighter parts,” he adds. “You’ll need parts to fix up the M-Drive before it’s possible to get anything more than scrap value for it though.”

“Good point,” Grim replies. “Reconstructing that drive will take me a while. Get me the parts and I will work on it during the next jump. So just sell the power plant for now.”

“Can we get a grav/APC here – lightly armoured, seat 6 + cargo?” asks Arvor.

“That seems a bit specialized too,” replies Max. “I will see what I can dig up, but don’t hold your breath. That might be another one that might have to wait until Glisten.”

“Also, Grim, can you help me refit our weapons turrets, replacing the missile launchers with the beam laser mounts we have on hand – so we have BBS in each turret, instead of BMS?”

“Good idea,” Grim replies. “I forgot we were replacing those missile launchers with the spare beams. Then we can sell the missile launchers. I also second the 6 seater Grav sled, though as I said before, it won’t fit in the current A/R slot, so we’ll have to give up 6 or 7 dtons cargo space for it…depending on how much of an “APC” it is, it’ll be more or less expensive- how much do we want to spend?”

“I saw one in a catalogue somewhere,” Will replies. “I’ll check on my handcomp and see what I dig up.”

Everyone heads off to perform their tasks for the day. Max heads off to the shipyards in order to get the parts that Grim needs in order to repair the ship. While waiting for the parts to arrive, Grim gets started on swapping over Arvor’s missile launcher for one of the salvaged beam lasers from the pirate ship, assisted by Taeva.

Autumn arranges for the filters on the ship’s life support system to be replaced and then heads down to the supermarket where she spends the rest of the day buying provisions to refill the ship’s almost empty pantry.

Will goes through the port’s pharmacies, looking for some decent supplies for his Med Bay now that he finally has the budget and a world with a high enough tech level to offer some of the more advanced drugs.

Max arrives back from the shipyards together with the grav/truck that drops off the supplies that Grim ordered.

“There are nine tons there,” Max says. “Enough to fix the armor, Jie’s turret, the spare M-Drive, with five more tons as spares in case we have some more trouble somewhere down the line.”

“That should keep you busy for a while. I’m off to try and sell the cargo now.”

Grim and Taeva are kept busy for the rest of the day. By 22.00, they have managed to fix Jie’s turret and have installed the two beam lasers as replacements for the missile launchers.

Max returns to the ship later in the evening. He doesn’t look very happy:

“These bleedin’ pikeys are a right bunch of bleedin’ shysters,” he moans. “Can’t find anyone to give me a good price on the cargo. They only offered me the same price I paid for the biodiesel and even less for the silicates. I reckon it’s better to keep the bleedin’ things are ‘ope I ’ave better luck on the next world. We’ve still got plenty of hold space free to buy new stuff.”

“Did you manage to find those bots?” asks Taeva. “I didn’t have time, girl. I’ll try again tomorrow.”

Everyone is still feeling the effects of the evening before and so Autumn rustles up a light dinner from the new provisions and everyone has an early night.


Is there anything else we could fit in the Air Raft hanger- if not we may as well keep it as backup transport.


You could fit 4 tons of cargo in there, but it’s a strange size as most cargoes are in 5- or 10-ton containers.


Could we weld it tight, turn the access hatch into a better door and convert it to a crew lounge? Or another (makeshift) stateroom? What about using it as a holding cell? lol…


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