Mustered Out on Mertactor


In Jump

After the long trip to the gas giant the previous week, spending another week in jump is hard work, especially with no passengers to provide some amusement, and not enough alcohol for anyone to get completely wasted, and so there is little to do apart from to continue with their training.

During dinner, Max is checking up on the library data for Grote.

“Grote’s a pretty decent tradin’ port,” Max says, studying his handcomp. “It’s not a good as Glisten, of course, but a lot better than all the shitty planets we’ve visited since Collace. Our tradin’ fund is looking mighty ‘ealthy at the moment. Even without the remains of the fighter we’ve got assets around the 2 mill mark, so we can easily afford to blow half a mill, or even a whole one, if there’s some useful gear we need.”

“So let me know if there’s any TL11 gear that we could do wiv – like some decent gear in your Med Bay, Doc,” he adds with a look at Will. “And I’ll pick them up while we’re in port.”

“I reckon it’s a good place to try and sell the power plant of the fighter as well. We’ll probably be in port a few days while Grim fixes up the ship anyway.”


So you can add another 2 weeks of training during this trip.

Can someone remind me how many weeks you’ve had so far? Ian – you must know if Grim got his vacc suit skill during the previous jump.

Also, let me know what shopping you’d like to do while you are on Grote.


Lets buy at least 2 of those 4 spiderbots (10 k each), plus some backup programmes.


By my reckoning this’ll make-

Jump history:
1. Mertactor to Collace
2. Collace to Pavabid (special training took place of regular study)
3. Pavabid to Collace
4. Collace to Tarsus
5. Tarsus to Avastan (counts as 2 jumps for training purposes)
6. Avastan to Collace
7. Collace to Pavabid
8. Pavabid to Collace
9. 5 weeks on Collace while Cybernetic enhancement patients recuperate; Grim added +1 Int, shielded.
10. Collace to Dallia
11. Dallia to Tarkine
12. Tarkine to Dallia
13. Dallia to Noctocol
14. Noctocol to Elixabeth
15. Elixabeth to Talchek
(16 “jumps” to train to Vacc0 per Nick, started on Mertactor, 2 remaining, used 1 Karma Point to speed up by two weeks on 3/18/12, 0 weeks remaining. begin training new skill)16. Talchek to Grote (2 weeks per Nick)

So I get 16 weeks training for those who opted for enhancement on Collace
21 weeks training for those who didn’t get enhanced on Collace


yes I made it 16 for me


Fast Drug 900/ dose
Anti Personnel Eqy Scanner 10k
Probe Drone 15K
Repair Spiderbots 10k ea
Prowlerbot 10k (to patrol cargo hold)


Cool on the spiderbots, we can get separate programmes for them but Grim also purchased remote access software for his Datapad/DDR combo when he bought it, so the spiderbots could remotely access his (rather extensive) Engineering software in any case. The datapad is specialized and can run multiple programs at once, so overload isn’t an issue. It’s the same software he’s got linked in to main engineering at all times to check the status of the engines and drives and to conduct remote system diagnostics.

As per Steve’s suggestion of a month or so ago, we might want to spring for extended life support (as I believe he and Jay have) for our VaccSuits.



(Grim is now studying Eng [Jdrive] 1; with the Grote jump he’s got 14 weeks left)


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