Mustered Out on Mertactor


Life in Jump

Life in jump aboard Unguin’s Princess goes pretty well.

Sean and Daria are quite demanding of Autumn’s time wanting special treatment. Autumn is up to the task, however, and manages to keep the pair of them happy. Eneri spends the least amount of time in the common room. He is polite, but a little nervous and rather insular, preferring to spend more time alone in his stateroom than with the others. Conversely, Jasya spends little of her time in her stateroom, only going there to sleep. She proves to be popular with both the other passengers and the crew alone as she has a hard drive with the latest holofilms from the Imperium. Her regular movie evenings prove to be very popular and Autumn is very happy that she doesn’t have to come up with other ways of entertaining everyone.

Jan is a true techie and seeks out Grim wherever possible to talk engines with him. His personal assistant, Valencia, is a very flirtatious cougar. After a few days in jump, Max can be seen emerging from her stateroom in the mornings with a sly grin on his face.

The remainder of the crew don’t have too many draws on their time and so they are able to continue with their training routines in between the odd jobs they need to do in order to make sure that the A2 remains in A1 condition.


Max comes out of Valencia’s room with grim on his face? Grim is shocked.


Oh sure, Max gets Valencia and Grim gets to talk with Jan? Did I mention that Grim’s been feeling very alone, what with being newly single? (Beverly is now a ghost exorcised and Talks with Taeva seem to have broken down over the prenup…}

Grim (but “looking”)/Ian

(please see StellarLove advert at ebox #34343555 for Grim’s particulars…he’s a very witty conversationlist who hates Zhodani telenovellas: they never have surprise endings…)


Once we emerge from jump, en-route to the gas giant, Arvor and Jie go through a live firing exercise to test all weaponry systems. Interested parties watch the proceedings via holoscreen, and Max offers to take wagers on the target practice. In the interests of economy, only 2 missiles are expended – but with spectacular results as they destroy small moonlets in the gas giants’ rings. This gives Will the opportunity to run his spectrometer and interferometer and conduct an analysis of the chemical makeup of the moonlets, and entertain the guests with his erudition for hours, while the tedious business of fuel skimming is conducted.


LOL! Will heartily approves of the use of two valuable missiles in the interest of science. There’s a paper in this!


Sorry – don’t know how to contact anyone when Nick is not online re: google. I cannot join the network – I am getting “network too full” messages on my new laptop, and just timeouts on my netbook which worked in the past.


You’re showing up onmy “hamachi”, can you open the chat window to “moor2011”?


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