Mustered Out on Mertactor


Selling the Cargo

After the day off sightseeing, it’s back to work for most of the crew. With Noctocol having only an E-class starport, Grim knows that he will need to stock up on spares now as there won’t be the opportunity to take anything on there. He puts together a list which he asks Max to order for him. Autumn goes through the food stores and also gives Max an order.

Arvor starts looking to see if there is any mail available to take to Noctocol.

Max spends the whole day looking for a buyer for the cargo. Due to its specialist nature, it takes longer than it normally does before he can find someone who wants to buy it. By the end of a second very long day of calling around, however, he finally manages to find someone.

He joins up with the rest of the party for a late dinner to give his report:

“Didn’t do too bad,” he says. “I managed to get 180k for the marble, 450k for the potassium – which was a bit of a disappointment – was hoping for more than that, but did well on the titanium. Sold that for 240k.”

“So, in total, we managed to get 870k for it – so that’s a 170k profit on top of the 700k we invested.”

“I’ll see what cargo I can find tomorrow. We’ll only have 20 tons of space after all the other gear, so I don’t think I’ll spend all of it. So we should all get our initial investment back.”

The party members finish up their dinner and then head back to the ship for a quiet night.



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