Mustered Out on Mertactor


Return to Settlement Island

The party members are up a little after 9.00 and start the day with a large breakfast before they pack up the pressure tent and return it to the AGC. Everyone clambers back into the vehicle and they set off for another long day of travelling.

As usual, Max takes the first stint, spending the remainder of the morning and the afternoon flying over the sub-continent. During the afternoon, something beneath the chassis starts making a terrible grinding noise which continues to intensify for half an hour until Grim tells Max that he had better land while they are still over solid ground. Grim spends a while tinkering with it, does something involving a lump hammer and some duct tape, and then tells Max that it should hold until they are back at the island, at least. They take this opportunity to change drivers, with Stian taking over for the final leg.

Stian eyes the inflatable lifeboat nervously, but says nothing as he takes over the controls. The AGC reluctantly takes to the air once again. The grinding noise is still there, but not nearly as bad as it was before, however.

A few hours later and the coastline is far in the distance. The vehicle seems to be holding up during the trip, although Stian is taking no chances as he nurses the AGC home.

After a rather tense few hours over the ocean, during which time the sun sets, leaving the AGC to continue on through the darkness, Stian sighs with relief as he sees the coast of Settlement Island ahead. The terrible grinding noise has returned once more, but Grim seems confident that it should get them back to the starport again.

Fortunately his thoughts were proven correct as, a little after 9.00 pm, Stian safely lands the AGC at the starport in the same spot that they took it from and all are relieved to be back and in one piece. The starport is far from being a hive of activity at this time of the evening and so Max has to go looking for someone in security. He eventually finds someone in authority who agrees to take the Kommandant off their hands so that they can lock him up in the same jail that the party members occupied themselves just a few days earlier.

The Duty Manager at the starport tells Max that the Prince has retired for the evening and there is no chance of seeing him today. Max asks him if he will at least get a message to the Prince to tell him that they have returned from their mission to The Shallows and would like to request an audience with him at his earliest convenience. He tells him that the party members will be staying in the same hotel where they were the night before they left. The Duty Manager agrees.

With the plans having been made now, Max informs everyone that they are done for the day. Knowing how close they are to the hotel, they decide to walk. They check in and order dinner before heading to their rooms, glad to be back in some decent beds once again after being cramped into the sleeping bags of the pressure tent.



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