Mustered Out on Mertactor


Leaving Tarkine

It’s a busy day for all of the party members as they prepare for their first departure running their own ship.

Max has his hands full overseeing the loading of the cargo, plus the cannister of mail that Arvor found. Max is disappointed at only getting Cr. 10,000 for the job, but there are still a lot of ships in port heading for Dallia and they are a new operation, so it was very much a buyer’s market. The last of the cargo that he oversees is 10 tons of Tarkinian antiques which they are shipping to Tarkine along with their dealer, who is one of the passengers onboard.

As Autumn predicted, it was not so easy to find passengers due to the large number of ships currently at the port, plus the fear that many of the citizens of Tarkine currently have of visiting the starport after the attack. She managed to find four middle passengers and four low passengers, however, filling all of the staterooms in addition to the ones occupied by the party members plus the one shared by Kiimii and Laarii. As well as the antiques dealer, the other passengers consist of a robotics salesman from Collace, on his way back home after concluding a deal to sell a consignment of agribots to one of the larger farms on the planet. There is also an Army doctor and nurse, who are escorting a couple of mercenaries who were badly injured in the fighting for the starport to Dallia where there are better facilities available. In addition to the two injured mercs, there is also a tourist from Dallia heading home onboard, plus a young guy who is emigrating to Dallia in order to find more interesting work than can be found on Tarkine.

After ensuring that the engines were in perfect condition, Grim gives his attention to the exterior of the ship. He begins painting black zig zag lines over the pink exterior of the Princess, giving her an agressive “punk” look. On the morning before departure, he oversees the refuelling of the ship by one of the scout base’s tankers. Will, Arvor and Jie are on the bridge making preparations for departure.

By 14.30, all of the passengers are safely onboard and being offered drinks by Autumn and the cargo bay is completely full of freight, which Max has checked and made sure are all tied down. Will is going through the pre-flight checks ready for the scheduled departure time of 15.00.

The Port Authority gives Unguin’s Princess approval to take off and Will fires the thrusters, sending the ship up into the cool skies of Tarkine. Those looking through the windows can see the scarred starport disappearing below them as Will lifts the nose of the Far Trader up and the ship soars towards Tarkine’s atmosphere, breaking through it after 30 minutes, where it proceeds to jump distance.

The ship slips safely into hyperspace just before 19.30, which is met by sighs of relief from many that their Tarkine experience is now finally over. Autumn prepares a meal for everyone so that they can celebrate and the crew takes the opportunity to make large inroads into the ship’s alcohol supplies as a result.



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