Mustered Out on Mertactor


The Bounty Hunters

Leaving Autumn to take care of the recovering Taeva, the other party members head to the restaurant to get some breakfast. The restaurant, like the rest of the starport, is quite a mess but they manage to rustle up a passable breakfast.

While they are eating, they discuss whether or not to follow up on the map that Arvor found in the ship by getting some more retribution on the rebels, or whether to just leave the situation alone. The party is quite equally divided in the matter. But while they are in mid-debate, their conversation is interrupted by a newsflash.

Last night’s attack on the starport was the rebels’ most audacious and damaging attack yet. Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver Sharnfeld of the Imperial Marines said:

“From last night’s attack, it is obvious that the rebels have stepped things up a gear. From the ferocity and organization of the attack, it is obvious that they must be receiving a great deal of offworld assistance both in terms of hardware and training. From interrogation of a number of rebels that were captured last night, we have discovered that the attack was planned by an offworlder who is known only by his rank as ‘The Major’.”

“Due to losses incurred last night, the Imperial Marines are at full stretch in order to ensure the continued safety of Moffett Down. As a result, I am offering a bounty of Cr. 250,000 to anyone who can locate this ‘Major’ and bring him to us alive for interrogation and so that he may be brought to trial.”

“Anyone interested in obtaining more information should contact the Marines HQ at the starport.”

After learning that there is a large bounty payable, the party members are now all in favour of going after the Major as soon as Taeva has recovered.

The party members check over their weapons to fill the time. Max takes the air/raft into Delos in order to try and track down some better trade goods, while Grim gets a paint brush and some of the metallic pink paint and smartens the exterior of the ship up so as to mask the effects of the rebels’ mortar bombs which landed upon it.



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