Mustered Out on Mertactor


Good Max/Bad Jie

Things start to go wrong during the first day of jump. At breakfast time, passengers and crew are assembling in the common room, but there is no sign of Laarii or Kiimii.

Jie goes and bangs on their stateroom door and, five minutes later, a sleepy looking, half-dressed Laarii saunters out and throws a few packets of cornflakes and cartons of milk on the table before going back to his room, leaving Max to apologize and try and do what he can to keep the passengers happy. His skills in the galley are limited to making toast, but at least it’s a warm meal and isn’t burnt too badly.

It’s noon when Laarii re-emerges and Kiimii emerges for the first time, sauntering into the common area, which is fortunately currently empty of passengers. This is the moment that Jie has been waiting for and she revels in her task of getting Kiimii to work, telling her what her routine will be from now on with the subtlety of a Sargent-Major.

Naturally, Kiimii is appalled at this and says that she is not going to do it – that it’s not her job. Jie expected this and the more Kiimii complains, the more that Jie shouts at her. It doesn’t take too long before Kiimii can’t take any more of this and runs to her room, with Laarii running after her to try and calm her down.

There’s no escape from the wrath of Jie though and she just calls Arvor and tells him to override the lock on the stateroom door, Jie bursts in and continues shouting at Kiimii.

Kiimii realizes that there is going to be no respite from Jie anywhere on the ship. “I CAN’T STAND THIS SHIP ANY MORE!” Kiimii wails. “I JUST WANT TO GET RID OF IT. I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO HAVING A NORMAL LIFE.”

Jie smiles to herself. Everything is coming together.

She slams the stateroom door and goes and relays the conversation to Max.

Max leaves it five minutes and then gently knocks on the door.

“Darlin’,” he says softly. “Are you awright in there? I’ve made you a cup of tea. Can I come in?”

“O-OK then,” Kiimii says between sobs.

Max flashes a grin to Jie and heads into her stateroom.

Max is in her room all afternoon while the rest of the party members wonder what’s going on. Eventually he comes out, with a wide grin on his face.

“I reckon she’ll sell,” he grins. “We’ve been talking about it non-stop for the past few hours. We’re just discussing terms. You know that she ain’t as stupid as she looks when it comes to negotiating.”

He looks to Jie. “We got to keep the good cop/bad cop act going for the next few days. There’s a few mill at stake here, so it’s worth a bit of effort.”

Eventually Kiimii comes out and is civil to the passengers and most of the crew during the evening. With the notable exception of Jie, naturally.



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