Mustered Out on Mertactor


Departure from Dallia

It’s departure day. Grim has worked through the night trying to get the drives ready. He knows that it’s going to be tight, but he hopes he can make it.

The passengers start to arrive at 10.00. The low passengers are first to arrive – all as a group. They are Dallian mercenaries who are off to start a tour of duty guarding Moffett Down, the starport for Tarkine. They check in their assault rifles and armour without complaint and just have time for a quick drink before Will puts them into the fridges.

Then the high passengers start to arrive. One is a very pleasant young girl who is Tarkine’s top cyclist, on her way back from competing in the Subsector games on Dallia. Next is a judge from Dallia, who says very little. Then comes a Dallian Army Officer, who is taking up a position in the Dallian Embassy on Tarkine. Last to arrive is a group of three senior executives from GSbAG – returning to their base on Grote after meetings on Collace and Dallia to discuss possible joint ventures with shipbuilders there.

As Arvor makes his pre-flight checks, Grim is still finishing the drives and Kiimii is starting to panic. Everyone else is getting worried too, fearing what the Port Authority will do as punishment if they miss their slot. With just minutes to spare, Grim finally fixes it and Arvor rushes through the last of the pre-flight checks so as to make the slot. It is with great relief when Unguin’s Princess pulls away on the stroke of noon.

As the ship heads for jump distance, all seems fine aboard the ship. Kiimii is playing maitre d’ quite successfully, while Laarii rushes around getting drinks for everyone, managing to spill only a few of them.

At 17.30, Arvor hits the big red jump button and the ship slips safely into jump space. Laarii then attempts to cook dinner for everyone, with very limited success as it gets quite a few complaints from the passengers (and the rest of the crew).

Once dinner is over at 10pm, Kiimii declares herself ‘spent’ after such a busy day and retires to her room, quickly followed by Laarii, leaving the other crew members to try and entertain the passengers as best they can.



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