Mustered Out on Mertactor


Docking With The Cutter

Jie gets up and heads over to the console. The Cutter is close enough now that she can bring it up on the holoscreen. She calls the rest of the party in to take a look at it.

“A Nexus 3,” Grim sighs. “They haven’t made those in over two centuries. That thing shouldn’t be shuttling to the out-system any more. It should be in a museum.”

Other than the type, the holoscreen brings up little information. There are no outward signs of any damage, but they see that the M-Drive is not running.

Six hours later and Will takes the Patroller off autopilot and brings her in to dock manually. The others suit up as Will connects with the Cutter’s airlock. Taeva leads the way onboard the Cutter with the others following her, Will waiting on the bridge in case there’s a need to make a swift getaway. Onboard the Cutter is in zero-G, but the power is still on. They can see that the Aslan must have put up a good fight as there are globules of blood floating around inside the Cutter and a large number of spent cartridges. There are no sign of any bodies or survivors though. They go through the Cutter carefully in case there are any clues as to the reason why the Veng attacked the Cutter. Grim checks out the M-Drive and tuts to himself:

“No surprise that the drive packed up,” he sighs. “Looks like it hasn’t had a service since the start of the century.”

The others are looking inside the cargo hold. There is some electronic equipment, large dishes and a crystaliron trellis.

“Long-range sensor array by the look of it,” Jie says. “Worth some decent money.”

The party members decide to salvage it. It takes them half an hour to move over the array from the hold of the Cutter to the empty hold of the Patroller. Taeva dumps all of the data from the Cutter’s small computer onto her own in case it is useful evidence.

There’s nothing more onboard of any interest and so all return to the Patroller. While still docked, Will changes the heading of the Cutter, sending it heading towards Flexos instead. It will take many days until it gets close to the planet, but at least it won’t end up getting lost to the depths of space.

The party members hold a quick meeting to decide their next course of action, but there is really only one option. Will turns the Patroller around and sets course for Gugh.


“Hey, we’re InterSol. It’s what we do. Even if you don’t know you need our help! Or that you’ll need to pay us.”


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