Mustered Out on Mertactor


The Veng

After another late night practicing with Black Betty, Jie strolls onto the bridge and checks her monitor. She is surprised to see that there is another blip on the screen – unusual enough out here in the emptiness of the out-system of a backwater planet. What is even more alarming though is that the vessel is also on an intercept course for the Cutter – and approaching it a lot faster than the party’s Patroller.

Jie calls the rest of the party onto the bridge to see it for themselves and then tries to enhance the sensor readings. Much to everyone’s alarm, the computer recognizes the other ship as a Veng.

Jie radios over to the Cutter. They too were aware of another ship approaching but their sensors were not good enough to identify the type of craft. Jie’s information that it is a Veng approaching causes concern among the Aslan – they thought that it was another craft that would rescue them sooner.

She then tries to hail the Veng to try and get some information on the ship, but the Veng refuses to answer.

The party members spend the rest of the day watching the monitor, seeing the Veng continuing on its intercept course until, late in the evening, the two blips combine.

The Aslan pilot gives a running commentary over the radio. He tells how they are being boarded, that there is a fight at the airlock. The party members can hear the sound of autorifle fire in the background and then the radio goes dead.

They continue to watch the monitor. Half an hour later,the two blips separate as the Veng takes off, its superior acceleration launching it in the direction of Gugh, the outermost planet in the system.

The party members discuss what to do now – whether they should continue on to dock with the Cutter, or whether to follow the Veng to Gugh. They decide to continue with the original plan of docking with the Cutter, and so the Patroller continues on its present course.



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