Mustered Out on Mertactor


Spare Us The Cutter

The comfort on the Patroller leaves a lot to be desired compared to the Princess being highly cramped, not to mention highly functional. Taeva and Jie share the captain’s stateroom, while the the other four have to bunk in the communal barracks area.

With nothing for anyone to do while the ship continues on its intercept course with the Cutter, everyone continues with their training regimes, although it is not so easy to find much room, other than the long corridors that traverse the narrow ship.

After a couple of days en route, they pick up the Cutter on the ship’s long range sensors. All appears as the Aslan said was the case – it’s a 50-ton Cutter which is slowly drifting out of the system.

Jie speaks to the Aslan from time to time, calming them down a little and reassuring them that they are on their way and should have them picked up in a couple of days’ time.



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