Mustered Out on Mertactor


Finishing the Repairs

The party members worked diligently for the next week on repairing the best of the Patrollers until, finally, the Patroller is space worthy once again.

Max returns to the TTC base just in time to see the Patroller hovering over the base at a height of a few hundred metres as the crew tests the ship to make sure that everything is in full working order. After a couple more hours of testing, both Grim and Will both give her their seal of approval.

Max congratulates them as they exit the ship to celebrate their great feat with a meal.

“Nice job,” Max says. “Glad to see that you ain’t been slackin’ while I’ve been away. I’ve been busy as well. Got a good price not only for the tools, but also managed to unload those radioactives at a sweet profit too. So the Princess is now completely empty and out bank account is nice and full – to the tune of over MCr. 7.5. Even without the proceeds from the spares from the damaged Patroller, we’re still loaded.”

“Autumn and the Princess are both fine, by the way,” Max says, "Although Autumn is going out of her mind with boredom. “No sign of Zos gettin’ up to any monkey business. There have been no visitors to the Princess and, according to the media, life on Flexos is completely normal. Certainly no mention of anything about the attack on the base or any changes with the relationship with the TTC.”

He turns to Grim:

“I didn’t do as well in finding you some RAM grenades. They’re just too low-tech to ‘ave ’em ’ere. Best I could do is to get your four dozen launched HE grenades. They’re compatible with Matilda, but as they are frag, they’re not as good and the range is not as long either.”

He shrugs:

“Better than nuffin though, hay?”

Grim nods:

“We need another working day to cut out the useful parts of the other Patroller and then we’re good to go.”

All are tired after another busy day working on the Patroller and so have an early night.



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