Mustered Out on Mertactor


The Cops Arrive

It’s early in the morning when the cops finally arrive, to everyone’s relief. There are four of them – a lieutenant, a sergeant and a couple of officers.

The belters welcome them inside their by now even more crowded base and the cops have some coffee before getting down to work.

The sergeant and one of the officers commandeer the games room and use it as their office for the day. One by one, they speak to all of the crew and passengers, asking them what happened, recording their statements on holovid.

Andrea is the first one to be interviewed and also has to answer the most questions being the commanding officer currently and knowing most about the events that led up to the destruction of the Duchess Selene. Once she has given her testimony, she accompanies the lieutenant and the other officer as they take the Police Cutter over to the ship.

They are gone for several hours before returning to the belters’ base, by which time the other two cops have just about finished the interviews – the later interviewees offering little in the way of additional information that they didn’t know already.

Andrea is looking far from happy upon her return. She gestures for the party members to accompany her into an empty store room outside the hearing of the belters.

“The bastards have stripped the ship,” she says to them in an angry whisper. “They cut the side out of the ship, presumably with their mining lasers, and everything that wasn’t not nailed down is gone now.”

The conversation is cut short as the cops want to address everyone.

The lieutenant speaks to all of the crew and passengers:

“Right, I think that we have all of the information that we need,” he says in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. “From what we have learned, the responsibility for the disaster seems to fall firmly on the shoulders of Captain Warner. There’s not much more that we can do now apart from to get you all to Dallia as quickly and safely as possible and then it will be a matter for your insurance companies to sort out with McClellan Factors.”

“The Cutter has ten low berths which we can use to take ten of you out of here and we’ll get you home in a little over two days. For the rest of you, there’s a Fast Trader on its way, which I believe is a couple of days away. That will get you to Dallia in a little under a week from today in total.”

He then speaks to Andrea alone regarding who should go in the low berths.

She says that it is best if the most injured are the ones to go as they would be better off unconscious for a while and then they will receive the best medical attention as soon as they get to Dallia.

She tells the cops to take the two passengers who were originally in the low berths on the ship, Silven, Chrysa, Janice and Simon.

She asks if any the party members want to go too as they are all injured, but they all say they will stay, even Max.

Andrea decides that it is best if May and Renee also leave, which they are glad to do, even though they are not too keen on the idea of going in the fridge.

Granzh moans a lot. He wants to get out of the belters’ base as soon as possible, but he is not at all keen him and his family going inside the low berths. He argues with the cops for a while, but eventually realizes that there’s not a lot they can do anyway. Eventually it is decided that his wife and the two pups will occupy the last two berths.

The party members discuss possibilities for a while, knowing that they need to find a way of coming and going from the base without arousing too much suspicion from the belters.

Arvor comes up with a plan and goes to speak with the belters.

“I am sorry that we aren’t able to leave immediately, just as much as you are,” he says to Bob Milligan. “We thank you for your hospitality, but we think it would be better if the women were to spend the remaining time in the lifeboat rather than taking up any more of your valuable space here.”

Bob shrugs:

“Suit yourself,” he says. “We’re not keeping anyone prisoner here.”

Arvor thanks him and tells the others of the reaction. He tells Andrea that it will be better if all of the crew and passengers agree to move out to the lifeboat.

“Well there won’t be a problem with Bar and Hargz as I am still their commanding officer,” she replies. “The passengers could be more problematic.”

“There could be privacy issues as well with male and female all living in such a confined space for a length of time.”

“Let me speak with them anyway.”

She heads off to speak with the remaining three passengers and then comes back to report.

“Orlando is happy to do whatever we ask him to do,” she reports. “Granzh refuses to go though because he says it will be even more crowded in there than in here and Kaspar says the same thing. So neither of them will be going.”

Despite the overcrowding and privacy issues, the party members decide that it will be better to get as many of the non-combatants into the lifeboat as possible, so all of the females, plus Hargz and Orlando into the lifeboat.

The party members start to regularly make trips between the belters’ base and the lifeboat in order to lull the belters into a false sense of security, so they won’t be suspicious when everyone leaves together.


Sorry if I took the past couple of day pretty quickly but wanted to move things along rather than get bogged down.

Feel free to hop in at any stage if there’s anything that you wanted to do at an earlier time.

So remaining after the low passengers go (apart from the party) will be:



“Ok, throughout this trip, actually almost forever, I’ve been mellow about all kinds of crap. These bastards nicked my tools. I’m pissed.” says Grim quietly to the others, fingering FtI.


Are any of the remaining passengers and crew apart from Kaspar armed? Is Kaspar armed? What weapons have we seen the Belters armed with, if any? Are there really 11 of us and only 51 of them? I like those odds, still, maybe we should keep Andrea in a room they can’t get into without going through us. Have we had three days healing and, if so, at what rate- resting or active?


(Sorry if these questions sound a bit aggressive, but Grim’s gettin his tools back…)


By now, everyone should have recovered 15 + (END DM*5) points of healing.

All of the belters have snubbies as side arms. A few have accelerator rifles on their backs. There are some other zero-G weapons in personal lockers, etc.

Kaspar is unarmed (he’s 71 so he’s a pretty old guy). Hargz, Orlando and Granzk are also unarmed.

Bar has a shotgun (flechette rounds), snubbie revolver and a cutlass. She is back to full health now.

Andrea has a snub revolver.


Grim will use Investigate (1 plus 2 INT) to watch and see if any of them come and go mysteriously, or have any odd behaviour patterns, after the Cutter leaves.


The belters don’t seem to be coming and going after the Cutter leaves. They seem to be waiting until you all leave.

When Arvor suggests offering them Cr.5000 to get the fusion valve back, Max shakes his head:

“They wouldn’t go for it,” he says. “They’ll have a good idea as to what it is worth and it will just put them more on their guard if we let them know how much we want it back.”

“It’s not just the fusion valve either. They’ve got our computer and sensor equipment as well. Together it’s worth 800 grand and they ain’t keeping it. Over my dead body.”


The last couple posts went by way too quick for me. I am pretty sure Grim wanted to pilot the lifeboat to the belter base escorting the seeker.

We would have left to recce what Kaspar was up to (and we would certainly have assumed he would be at the crash site) the moment we were aware he had dissapeared.

Now the situation has been engineered so we have to face down 50 belters – instead of a dozen or so when they were “working”.

@Max sotto voce “I would NOT have considered offering them ANYTNHING for the dammned valve after they have stolen it. There are going to be a lot of corpses around this base over the next few weeks.”

Here are some things we can try.

  • We need to get to the lifeboat and secure it ASAP.
  • We need a supply of oxygen for a week or so of EVA each – or the knowledge that the lifeboat can re-supply our tanks.
  • Disable or booby trap their seeker if possible.
  • Watch the belter base.
  • Steal a ground vehicle, disable any others.
  • Follow anyone leaving. Capture them, interrogate/kill them before they return.
  • Find our goods.

Arvor will be more than happy to lurk around the camp and snipe. If we cannot disable the seeker, we can still play cat and mouse if it leaves the base – follow the seeker in the lifeboat from near the horizon, and wait for anyone to deploy.


Can we take over controls or life support of the base and hold the whole place ransom until they return our stuff or, if the culprits are gone, tell us who’s responsible? At the very least, we get Kaspar alone for some serious waterboarding. Will is normally opposed to non-defensive violence but, like the rest of you, he’s getting his stuff back or there will be blood.


Other then the Fusion Drive Valve (I think priced at 1 million cr) Jie has no stuff that has been taken. However, She is VERY on board with any violence to be inflicted upon the rapeing, theiving stinky bastards. I belive we should focus on Kasper, I don’t doubt that he was the one who brought this scheme to them. Also, can Taeva and Grim get into the ship the belters used and 1) re-veiw the G.P.S. to find out where it has been (with our stuff) or 2) Bring up the fuel usage logs vs. the distance traveled and work out an estimation of how far away our goods are hidden (if not direction). Again Kasper is the weak link. If the Belters realize they have a war on their hands chances are they will blame Kasper and maybe give up the goods. we’ll see.


Hmmm, I think we are coming together on a plan of sorts. I like the idea of “borrowing” a ground vehichle, even their seeker, but we have to be careful about opening fire on Belters that we’re only “suspicious” of…now, if we could get one or more of them to attack us, and capture that on Will or Grim’s vids, then we’d have excuses to do all sorts of things ;-)

It was originally my intention to have Grim pilot the Lifeboat to their base, Dom’s right, but, given how wounded we all were at the time, I can live with it being at the crash site as well. In any case, per Nicks post, the controls have been code locked by Will and Grim, so its secure.

I agree the Seeker or their ground vehicle would have a tracking record that Will could hack (or even just read if its not passworded) that would tell us where they’ve been. The problem is the Seeker. Even if we get to the lifeboat and find our goods, if they want they can use the Seekers mining laser to take us out, though taking out an unarmed lifeboat with a mining laser would require some fancy explaining even if we had attacked them first.


Also, Will’s idea re: Life Support certainly has merit. We could sabotage it, problem is that 50 Belters equals at least a dozen Engineers and Mechs, so they’d have no problem fixing it, evenif we dosed a few of the wrench jockeys with nighty night from a med kit.

Maybe we can bluff or negotiate, after all, as Russ said, maybe they haven’t the stomach to fight. On the other hand, they’ll all berich if they can get rid of us and keep the stuff…

(more and more, Arvors idea of sniping at them just “feels” right, like ice cream on a hot afternoon…;-)


Sorry if I took it too fast, yesterday. It’s hard to know what pace to take it. In answer to some of the suggestions so far:

It doesn’t really make a lot of difference who piloted the lifeboat back to the base. Andrea was there to keep an eye on Kaspar. She got the keys back off him and so you now have access to the lifeboat.

It would have taken you a few hours to figure out that Kaspar and several of the belters had left (they timed leaving to coincide with the rape attempt). If you would like to rewind and go after them once you figure out they have left, we can do a rewind. You would not be able to sneak up on them though as the belters still in the base would be able to warn those on the Seeker that you are coming.

You should be able to keep recharging tanks from the lifeboat.

I’d need more details as to how you were planning on disabling the Seeker before judging whether it is going to be feasible or not.

There are three ATVs at the base. Should be fairly simple to steal/disable these.

Getting control of the life support system should be simple enough. The belters are well prepared for emergencies though. They dress in their vacc suits without helmets or gauntlets as a matter of course and there are spare helmets and gauntlets in every room so that they can react quickly to a blow out. As Grim says, they have a lot of technical skills between them.

Getting access to their ship is not going to be so easy. There’s always a couple of belters around the main airlock and so they will be suspicious as to why you are going outside – there are cameras on the outside leading to the main control room as well.

Breaking into any starship is a pretty difficult task. It wouldn’t be impossible, but would require some pretty decent dice rolls.

Belters are basically rednecks in space. You get the feeling that there’s nothing more these assholes want more than a good fight just to give themselves something to do.

Let me know if you have any more questions. Otherwise I will leave you to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it.

If you want to rewind to some previous point, I’m happy to do that (it’s not like I will have too much of a rewrite). Just make sure that you’re not basing your actions on information that you wouldn’t have had at that time.


Is there only one Seeker or several? That might complicate it a bit.


Taeva does have her Thieves Toolkit and most of the light gadgetry so can probably still get into stuff. Also her laser cutter and sonic breaker. That includes a bit of plastique though the bulk of her explosives and breaching charges would normally be in storage.

She also left a crate of foam grenades so lets hope the Belters don’t remember them.


The belters only have a single Seeker.


I’m ok with the timeline – as long as it is not too far to the lifeboat (less than an hour’s EVA or wheeled vehicle ride).

Speaking of rednecks, it would be pretty funny to do the equivalent of sugar in the tank, if possible.

Even if they roam around in the seeker, I suspect it would be a poor tool to take out individual snipers. Wearing a heat-camouflaged vacc-suit, with a few chill cans, one should be able to easily evade notice.

The sniping plan should actually prevent them from getting into the seeker in the first place. I reckon we would just have to shoot a few of them (coming out the doors a few at a time) before someone would want to either negotiate, or try a rush. And then the survivors might still negotiate.

Keeping it really simple, we could bluff that “we know when we are beaten”, just leave, get to our lifeboat, double back, land just over the horizon, sneak in and take up sniping positions. Dig in in true marine style, dig fallback positions. Taeva and Jie can move in closer (both have stealth and close combat skills) to sabotage the vehicles and grab one.

As soon as they are alerted (probably by the drive off) the rest of us can cover them with sniper fire and HE rounds at the entrances and any manned positions. Eventually the survivors will want to negotiate. With the lifeboat we should have comms.


The Seeker and Lifeboat are both parked on a landing pad right next to the base, so they are only around 200m from the airlock and parked next to one another.


@Arvor, I truly love the idea of confining them to their base by sniper fire, but if we can’t get into the Seeker there’s a chance they could launch and then threaten us from on high, making our snipers vulnerable. Further, even though we suspect they stole our stuff, unless we can get one of them admitting it on tape, or maybe vid one of them wearing one of Jies burgundy feather boas around the seeker base, aren’t we simply attacking (and maybe killing) Belters, something that might get us arrested when the relief boat comes? We need a reason to attack them, otherwise we should stick to “anonymous”, non lethal sabotage (here I really like your sugar in the gas tank idea…plus, wouldn’t it be poetic justice if we messed up their Seeker engines with bad fuel,lol)

…now somebody earlier mentioned grabbing Kaspar by himself and maybe taking him by “borrowed” ATV out to our stuff (which he’ll lead us to after we threaten to put an accidental “micrometeor” punture in his suit), and then bringing the liefboat over to it to power our life support and provide shelter til the relief boat gets here. Of course we’d need to disable the Seeker…grenades or plastique up the exhaust port? If we time all this near the end of the wait, we won’t have to disable the seeker for too long before relief ship arrives, only half a day or so?

So, what about this?

A. Prepare our attack by Investigating the shift changes around the Seeker, check Kaspars schedule and see if we can get him alone,

B. Taeva (and possibly Arvor), set a disabling charge on a sensitive bit of the Seeker,

C. Grab Kaspar, throw him into the Lifeboat, “air team” (Grim piloting, Taeva with Kaspar, Andrea and the others) takes off for low orbit.

D. Simultaneously with C, “ground team” Will, Jie and Max each take an ATV with Arvor on the back (three drivers, three ATVs, equals backup in case either or both of a driver or an ATV go down).

E. Charges are set off on Seeker, disabling it.

F. Both parties rendezvous at a prearranged site (“air team” has Grim navigating, “ground team” has Will doing same) and persuade Kaspar to tell us where the loot is hidden.

G. Wait at a safe distance from the loot, hidden and ready to motor if they get the seeker going again (Andrea and whoever we can spare, with a vid record of things to blackmail the Belters?) while a sniper team waits in ambush at the loot site with extra air? hmmm. not sure about that last if they’ve got the Seeker working again.

If the shit hits the fan and they start firing on us as we try to get away from the belter base, that gives us carte blanche to defend ourselves; then Arvor and Jie can kick it old school, lol. At that point we could just go with Arvors sniper plan while a few people go with Kaspar to find our loot as we’llbe restraining a known threat to our safety?



I like that plan.


Sounds good to me.


Something I just thought of (the missus is laughing, she says it alwsys happens sooner or later, lol)-

Does their Seeker have a lifeboat? I’d love to have them chase us to the loot (or even get there first) and then have our 12 (Kaspar doesn’t really count as “ours” but oh well) duke it out with their 12…“Revenge, Wanda, Revenge!!!”


Plan sounds good to me.


One question: Andrea, Bar, and Herghz are coming with us, they have skills we need and we all worked really well together on Selene, plus it wouldn’t do to leave Andrea to the Belters mercies. And obviously Kaspar is coming with us! What about Orlando and Granzh? They’re both potential liabilities in combat (especially obese Orlando, but probably both) and it’s really not their fight, motivation-wise. Further, leaving them would help break up the “hey, all the passengers and crew from the liner are leaving together in VaccSuits” event that we’re hoping won’t trigger the Belters suspicions, at least not before we get out the door. But can we live with ourselves if the Belters take out a bit of their frustrations on the hapless duo?


I think we need to bring them with us, and leave them in the lifeboat – perhaps with Max to entertain them.


Some comments and questions on the plan.

1. Getting Kaspar alone should not be a problem. But the base is so small that he could shout out for help and someone could hear him unless you take countermeasures.

2. As no-one has left the base (why would anyone?) it will immediately arouse suspicion if you all suit up and ‘go for a stroll’.

3. What do you have to try and damage the Seeker? Remember that bulkheads require 1000 points of damage to cut through. Something that is going to protect from Zero-G isn’t going to have too many weak points.

4. Seekers don’t have lifeboats – they carry mining drones instead.


It is sounding to me that anything we do on this base will be obvious: it is so small virtually anything will be noticed.


@Nick – I thought you were the one who told us they were giving us the “when are you leaving” look, plus you have made the situation pretty untenable for women.

Anyhow – how about this for a start. We state that we are no more happy about the situation than they are, but we insist on the women sleeping in the lifeboat. That gives is the opportunity to get Jie, Taeva, and Andrea outside the camp. We will (try) to get Kaspar, Granzk and Hargz also to quarter in the lifeboat if feasible spacewise. That would take care of most of the least combative as well as get some of our assets outside where they can do some good.

Once we have set that up, we will have a reason to be going in and out regularly without exciting too much interest, plus one or other of the women could start doing some recceing.


“2. As no-one has left the base (why would anyone?) it will immediately arouse suspicion if you all suit up and ‘go for a stroll’.”

In the words of the immortal Blackadder, “I have a plan…a cunning plan.” Arvor’s idea has merit too.

“I don’t think it’s a great idea either, but he’s a Planetologist. You know how these pure science types love their fieldwork; makes ‘em feel macho if they play in the dirt. Besides, he thinks that the compostion of the Gas Giant being at variance with the norm may have given this moon special properties and he’s insisting on a chance to investigate. What do you want me to do? He’s checked out on VaccSuits and I’m not his frikkin’ nanny!” gripes Grim to the Belter Engineer next to him, “Anyway, he said he’d either walk or pay you to rent an ATV. Now, are you gonna see my raise or are you gonna fold?”

“I’ll see your raise, but I’ve got another question first.” says the Belter, “Why the girl? Wouldn’t she rather stay and party with us?”

“I told you,” says Grim, quietly, “that girl doesn’t play nice. Taeva’s paranoid, bitchy, claustrophobic, and a bit of a tease. Trust me, I know. She’ll keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t stare at the pretty rocks too long and maybe she’ll come back in a better mood, if you know what I mean. Now show your cards…”

- a while later -

“Our scientist hasn’t come back yet and we haven’t heard from them on Comms.” says Grim to the Belter, “Our man Arvor here is gonna take Jie and Max and go look for them. Can we borrow a couple of your ATVs?”

- even somewhat later -

“That does it! My crewmates haven’t answered ever since that high pitched scream came over the Comma little while ago! I know it wasn’t Taeva, she makes even less noise when she’s in pain. It must have been Arvor; Will and the others couldn’t hit a note that high! Andrea and I are taking the lifeboat up to look for them. What’s that? What are Bar and Granzh doing with that man sized canvas sack slung between them…?”

(that’s all I got so far guys…)


( make this a “go” is gonna be tough as Will’s gonna have to act like an overexcited geek and Taeva a pithy, antisocial bitch; but I think we can make it work!)

(p.p.s. still looking for ideas regarding immobilizing engines?, blinding sensors?, blowing Comms antennas?, damaging control surfaces?, etc. on the Seeker)


The more I think about it, the more I like Dom’s idea, at least as a starting point. It’s more “organic” and allows us more reason to come and go. The only problem I see is that, oft times in movies at least, taking away the “possibilty” of sex from “starved” men seems to set them off into violence. As Dom says though, if we can pull it off it could work to give us more options (and more time) regarding sabotaging the Seeker and reconning positions.

Ultimately, we could work from a combination of the two approaches; they certainly aren’t mutually exclusive, they’re actually very complementary. Going with Arvor’s idea in the first day or two and then following up with Grim’s plan at the final push has an elegant poetry to it…


At the moment I’m out of ideas. However, Jie is more then willing to start a few fist fights with the Belters. Nothing serious, just enough to make them WANT to send her to the life boat. I do agree that when we make our move we’ll have to have all the survivors with us. Too many ‘accidents’ can happen to an un-skilled civilian out here…


Is there any opportunity for Will (medic + lifescience), Jie (medic), and the ship’s medic to poison or drug the miners’ water, air, or food supply? If we could incapacitate, even partially, at a critical time, it would make a big difference. Will will discuss this with the other two and take an inventory of options.


If we two go outside its leads to 2 possibilities:

‘The Women’ are helpless and alone (they think). This might provide an opportunity (especially if we can think of some way of ramping it up)to lure a few miners out.

It gives Taeva the opportunity to plant a possible plastique distraction: blowing up a solar array, power station etc.


Destroying the Seeker’s lasers should be possible with a bit of explosives (I am still waiting to find out how much explosives you have access to). But making impossible to fly is going to be impossible unless you can get access to it.

As for the drugging plan, what materials have you got to do it with? You’ve burned through a lot of your medical supplies, so it will be hard to get the quantities needed to take out 50 people unless you can think of something else.


Taeva has a shitload of explosives, but of course she doesn’t normally carry them all around. What she does always carry round is her Thieves toolkit, and she packs a few separate items of related use with this. I generally assume 2 acid lockpicks and a small but indeterminate number of plastique ‘doses’. I would say 1-3 +1 would be about right (2-4).


Where are acid lockpicks featured in the supplements? I can’t find them.


For Will’s drugging option he’s looking not only at the obvious medical supplies but also at other chemicals the miners may have on hand. Anything from pest control (surely 55th century rats are as ubiquitous as modern rats) to mining/processing/machine-maintenance/cleaning/life support chemicals that might incapacitate or be mixed to do so. Other chemical compositions could also be potentially useful: combustibles, smoke generators (especially ones that would work in this atmosphere). Grim might have some explosives expertise to lend to the latter investigation.


Scoundrel I think. Not sure they are relevant in this scenario anyway: I only mentioned them as examples. When subtlety fails you use an acid lockpick which is a device which pours acid into the lock and starts to soften it. You then bash it with a hammer and chisel before it resets and punch the lock out.


I looked in Scoundrel but can’t find them there. When I Googled it, the only reference to them was the posting on Obsidian Portal from the last time Taeva used them!

I was just trying to work out how easy or difficult it should be to use one to get inside the Seeker.

As for drugging materials, I’m not sure that there would be too many pests on worlds with zero atmosphere. There would certainly be some materials which would be poisonous. But whether they would be tasteless and odorless and could be used to just make people ill without killing them, is another matter.

When we get to Gametable, I’ll make you roll to see how successful it could be to try and take some of them out. I wouldn’t gamble on it being the lynchpin to any potential plan though.


Our plan needs to have a lynchpin now? Bit demanding, aren’t you?



Lynchpin or lynch mob – the choice is yours!


Ok, it was just a thought for a potential aid anyway. Never intended to be the main plan. Murdering innocents with firearms is way more fun! ;)


I checked last night it is agent here:

Acidic Lockpick (TL5+): Used only in cases where access is more important than secrecy, the acidic lockpick is a thin glass tube attached to a refillable latex bulb of acid. The tube is inserted into any mechanical tumbler-based lock (TL7 or less) and the bulb rapidly squeezed to spray the acid into the workings of the lock. This softens the tumblers and springs before fusing them together into one mass of metallic sludge, allowing the spy to force the lock open with ease. The tumblers will be softened in 1d6x30 seconds, allowing an Athletics (strength) check with a 6 DM modifier to open the lock. The lock parts will re-solidify in 1d63 minutes after application however, making the mechanism permanently stuck in its state at the time (locked/unlocked, closed/open). Cr. 50

As you can see they are not subtle. They were ideal for getting into that safe box on Tarsus, but hadn’t considered them for Starship entry. I’d have thought standard electronic based security checks (albeint difficult ones) with her electronic entry tools would be more likely.

As i say, I only mentioned them as an example of onee of the ‘other bits’ I tend to include in Thief Toolkit.


When we got into the Seeker did we notice if the Belters used a standard keypa entry code (not the code itself obviously) or some more exotic alternative eg cards, voice activated etc.


If it’s a Retinal or Fingerprint scanner, we could use a hostage (or appropriate body parts ;-)



Thanks for that – that makes sense that they are only for low tech mechanical locks.

I was reading through the Scoundrel chapter on ‘Intrusion’ and learned a lot there about breaking in and about hacking.

I can see I have been far too lenient on you in the past (especially when it comes to hacking!)

For getting onto a spacecraft, it specifies on the page about hijacking:

Getting On Board
If the ship is on the ground, then the hijacker can just walk up to it – assuming the hatches are not locked. Most spacecraft use electronic locks that are Difficult (–2) or Very Difficult (–4) to open and a failed attempt triggers an alarm.

As the Seeker is a more basic and primitive ship, it would be a Difficult (-2) electronic lock.


I’ve not done any hacking (have any of us?). Basically there is a lot of useful prep on gathering info etc before any heist, and on breaking down ALL of the intrusion activities. I assumed you just preferred to simplify it for the fairly simple intrusion attempts we’ve made so far ( I would do the same as a GM -the rules are too complex to use for each and every such activity).

One thing I’ve never really looked at (and I should as a GM) is that Scoundrel and Agent both have a lot of useful situation setups which could form the basis of adventures/ scenarios.

Well with mods Taeva could attempt that at a net +1, plus any bonus from Grims chain linked Elec skill .


No, I never let you get away with any hacking. I remember it was suggested while you were on Tarsus investigating the bad guys there and I said that anyone having Comp-1 does not automatically have the ability to obtain any piece of data stored by anyone anywhere on the planet.

I am glad that there are some rules for all these things. I am sure that there are a lot of good things in all these supplements – I just need to get around to reading them.

It’s a pain that all Mongoose books are in two columns as it means I can’t read them on my phone. The CT LBBs were much more practical.


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