Mustered Out on Mertactor


Another Day with the Belter

The party members are awoken early in the morning by the sound of muffled screams coming from the room which the belters gave to Renee and May.

Very much aware that something like this could happen, Jie and Taeva are in the room next door and immediately get up and burst inside the room, where they find a belter on each of the terrified girls. Jie and Taeva immediately wade in with their fists; the two belters are shocked at the ferocity of the injured women, and soon scarper from the room with their pants around their ankles.

Jie and Taeva consider running after them, but the two culprits have disappeared in among the other belters and all of the belters are armed and so they think better of it.

Jie and Taeva spend the rest of the night in the same room as the two girls so there is no recurrence of the situation and then spend the rest of the day tailing them as well.

These events raise the tensions between the passengers and the belters still further. Everyone is now counting the hours until they can get away from this purgatory.

As the day develops, however, the party members realize that the place doesn’t seem to be quite as over-crowded as it was the previous day. The party members realize that there’s a good reason for this – there are definitely less belters here than there was the previous day – perhaps a dozen less, including Bob Milligan. And Kaspar is missing as well.

It’s late in the evening when the missing belters and Kaspar return, by which time everyone is trying to settle down to get some sleep again.

With Taeva and Jie once again sleeping in the same room as May and Renee, there are no repeats of the events of the previous night.


Heeey, I might be a little slow in thinking this, but do we have any ‘bugs’ left over from Tarsus?. I distinctly remember digging through a trash bin to recover one and we (i.e. someone else) would bring them along with our (meaning their) supplies. If so we can bug Kasper and gang to hear what they are up to.


stealing our cargo no doubt


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