Mustered Out on Mertactor


Life with the Belters

The belters’ base is far from a pleasant place to be. All of the belters are male and the place is a bit of a shambles; filthy and heavy with the stench of testosterone and stale sweat. There’s no fresh food in the place – only vitamin mulch which is barely palatable. The base was struggling to cope with 50 people inside it, so it is really struggles to cope with more than 70.

Once the initial shock of their narrow escape with death has subsided, tempers start to fray. Granzh is moaning constantly, continually giving Andrea a hard time, demanding to know what McClellan Factors is going to do to compensate them for the hardship and ‘mental trauma’ that they have put upon him and his family.

Medic Hargz, Will and the belters’ own medic are constantly rushed off their feet looking after all of the injured, trying to ration out the limited amount of medications and bandages that the belters have available, as the Sick Bay was not really equipped to take care of this amount of injured for any length of time.

May and Renee are getting hit upon constantly by the belters, most of whom haven’t seen a woman for several months. As the day wears on, the belters are getting more and more pushy and desperate in their attempts to get the girls into their beds and the air in the base gets more and more tense.

Andrea is trying to calm everyone down as best she can, but the situation is getting more and more trying for her, especially as she is constantly asked to, “Make us a sandwich will you, love.”

The only person who doesn’t seem to mind the situation is Kaspar. A former belter himself, he gets on well with the others and is constantly seen in their company rather than spending time with the other survivors. He can often be seen whispering with them conspiratorially, going silent when any of the crew or passengers enter the room that he is in.

Andrea is on the radio for much of the time that the satellite relay is visible. She tells everyone that the Rescue Ship has turned back as the ship is not towable any more and that, instead, the police have arranged for an A3 Fast Trader to come to collect the passengers, while a Hauler will come to pick up the wreckage of the Duchess Selene. The A3 should arrive in three days, while the Hauler is due in four and a half days.

The information does little to calm everyone down. Everyone is desperate to get away from the stinking, crowded belters’ base as quickly as possible now.


Nick do our 12-13 kg vacc suits count against our carrying limit in this sitation. We have to wear them and most of us have ST 5-7, not leaving much leeway even at heavy (triple ST ) enc. We will be walking in microgravity to the ship after all.

I’ll pay my last couple of thou credits for a porter too.


That Belter fellow was I think in the discussions for stealing the launch-hence not too trustworthy. Possibly discussing scaving the ship before the salvage vehicle arrives.

Can any of our DDR’s home in and playback on any of his conversation.

Mind you Taeva ALWAYS suspects people of plotting.


I’d like to how how the ruling of Does a Vaccsuits weight count against your encumberance goes. If it dosen’t count then Jie can barely carry all her supplies as stated in her bio even though her encumberance level has been lowered due to wounded stats. If she adds in her 12 KG Vacc suit that she will be wearing then all she is taking is her laser carbine and 2 cutlasses.

As for the Belters. Yes they are heroes, Yes they are providing for us, and Jie will kick in 4,000credits for the air and supplies she has used. As a reward she would probibly give each one a black eye. I suspect their constant lustfull hounding of us girls has created a refuge circle of defense among the women. I try to remain civil, but if there is any serious attempts at rape or such, jie will fly (literally Zero-G=no skill) into action and pummle any Belters involved.


Are we wearing our VaccSuits inside the belter’s base? Grim was gonna switch to his EngCESuit, as it can provide 1-3 hours protection in trace atmospheres if the belters air integrity is compromised- this would give him the ability to carry either his Datapad and his 10mm, or just his Gauss Rifle without being encumbered. I assume the VaccSuits will be needed only for the trek to the belter’s base, then we can have them “at the ready”?

Also, before we leave the lifeboat (I’m assuming we’ll keep it parked outside the Belter base?), Grim and Will are locking out the Controls with a password.



No, vacc suits should be in addition to encumbrance. It’s just what you’re able to carry in your hands or on your backs that should count for it.

No, you can’t listen in on Kaspar. The rooms are pretty small.

There is no need to wear vacc suits inside the belters’ base. It might be pretty disgusting in there, but the walls are thick and it’s structurally sound, is pressurized and there is air inside (rank smelling as it might be).

The party members went to the belters’ base aboard the belters Seeker rather than on the lifeboat. If Grim and Will mention securing the lifeboat to Andrea though, she will agree to letting them password protecting the lifeboat’s controls.


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