Mustered Out on Mertactor


Observing the Base

InterSol and the Aslandables are all up early knowing that they still have a long journey ahead and they need to get to the TTC Base while there is still enough daylight to make a proper reconnaissance. They quickly wolf lion down their breakfasts, stow the pressure tents back in the hold before all clambering in the back before Stian pilots the craft up and away, continuing to follow the rift valley eastwards.

It’s late afternoon and Max is back in the driving seat when he realizes that they are now within 20 miles of the base. He takes the AGC up from the valley floor up to the rim of the deep canyon and then skims the surface of the dry and barren terrain until Max parks it some 500m away.

The group emerges from the AGC, glad to stretch their legs. Max stays with the AGC while everyone else cautiously makes their way back to the rim. They crawl the last 20m of the way until they find themselves right above the TTC base at a height of some 300m.

Everyone dons their goggles and spends a while silently observing the routines of the guards. They stay in position as the sun sets and continue to monitor the activities of the base through their LI goggles. After another hour of observation, they decide that they have seen enough and so head back to the AGC to put the final plans together.

After a couple of hours of discussion, they have the bare bones of a plan in place, deciding to go in at 03.00. There is nothing to do for the next five hours and so the group members take the opportunity to get a little more sleep and/or to check their weapons once again.



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