Mustered Out on Mertactor


Arrival at Flexos

The jump progressed without incident, with days spent on routine tasks, exercising and socializing with the Baronet, his wife and entourage in the evenings and a pleasant trip is had by all.

At 19.30, the Princess emerges safely from hyperspace and Jie plots a course to Flexos while Autumn prepares a final dinner for everyone before they all head their separate ways.

It’s shortly after midnight by the time Will has the Princess on its final approach to the area of flat rock which serves as Lomburing Down, indicated by the presence of a radio beacon. There seems to be no one manning the control tower and so it’s up to Jie to plot the final trajectory herself. Half an hour later and the Princess safely lands at the downport.

Lomburing Down seems to be a hive of inactivity. There are a handful of small merchants at the edges of the apron, but little in the way of buildings or facilities.

Once the engines are off, Will goes to resuscitate the low berth passengers, waking them all without a problem, keeping his 100% survival rate, which is doing no harm at all to Princess Unguin’s ShipAdvisor ranking.

By the time all of the passengers are ready to depart, there is still no sign of any life from the SPA and so Will is forced to radio in, asking for a sealed bus to collect the passengers and go through the ship’s documents. Eventually a sleepy voice answers and tells them to hold on for a while.

It takes half an hour before a group of starport staff arrive, all looking as if they have just woken up. The vehicle that they arrive on docks with the ship and the passengers are allowed to enter it. Autumn presents the passenger roster and Max the ship’s Bills of Lading. He is a little nervous as he does so, worrying a little about the presence of radioactives, plus the fact that the artwork is only listed as ‘building materials’.

As it turned out, he had no reason to worry. The starport staff are obviously none too worried what might be aboard the ship – they just seem to be in a hurry to get back to bed. They stamp all of the party’s documents and then take the passengers off on the bus after the party members bid them farewell.

It’s 1.30am now. If the starport is this quiet, then the party members figure that there’s little chance that Lomburing is going to be any more lively. As a result, they decide to stay onboard the Princess for the night and then to head into the centre after breakfast the following day.



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