Mustered Out on Mertactor


Finding Trade Goods

Everyone assembles for a late breakfast after the excesses of the night before.

Max, although nursing a bit of a hangover, is one of the first to arrive. He’s studying his handcomp.

“Dallia looks like a right shithole,” he says. “Like a poor man’s Collace. Nothing in particular that they need, so I need to make sure that I can buy cheap on Collace.”

He looks at the others in turn.

“So as anyone got some cash left for Uncle Max’s trading fund, or did you all spend it on getting some new body parts?”

“I have 145k that I can invest. Who can chip in a bit more on top of that?” he asks.

Max stuffs the last of the food inside his face and then heads off to look around for trade goods, leaving the other party members to their own devices.

He returns back to the hotel at 20.00 to join the party members for dinner. He looks very happy.

“I found us a blinder of a deal,” he says. “There some computer and sensor relays going cheap. Usual price is 100k per ton; I can get them for 55k. One of the best bargains I’ve found in a long time.”

“They come in 5-ton containers. Buying two of them is probably a bit too much of a stretch for us after you lot spent so much on your new arms and legs, so we better settle for just one of them.”

“So that’s Cr.275k in total. I can take care of the 145k and so I just need another 130k from someone so that I can get them. Freight costs will be just Cr.4250, so that can come out of the party funds.”

“I have 30k than you can have,” Taeva says.

“Good on you, girl,” Max says. “If the rest of you can throw in 25k each, we’re there then.”

The party members have a pleasant, more relaxed dinner the previous evening and then have a relatively early night.


My cash reserves no amount to about 25k only: you can have all of it.


oops slightly better 30k


William can kick in up to Cr170k.


Grim picked up a pricey (125k) brain improvement, so he can only contribute 17k…


Arvor can kick in 100,000.


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