Mustered Out on Mertactor


Refuelling at the Gas Giant

After a rather dull and uneventful flight due to their being no passengers onboard other than Miranda, the Princess emerged from jump in the Noctocol system the previous afternoon.

Not wanting to approach the Overbluff’s fort on an empty tank, Jie had selected a spot to emerge from jump just outside the diameter of the system’s gas giant. There is still a 12-hour journey ahead to get within range of the large planet though and so everyone simply continues with their training activities.

It’s the early hours of the morning when they are close enough to the gas giant to start skimming fuel.

Throughout the period, Max looks longingly at the moon where the party members hidden the cargo of pheromones that they took from the defeated Black Panther. Max is practically begging them to stop off and pick them up, telling them that they are worth a fortune and there should be no problem in moving them on a low law level planet. The other simply ignore him though, which makes Max more and more exasperated. When he realizes that there is no chance of getting the others to change their minds, he heads off to his stateroom in a huff.

It takes a little over half an hour before Grim tells Will that the tanks are now full again. Jie plots the course to Noctocol, inputs the coordinates for Will to follow and he hits the gas as the Princess starts on the long journey to the planet.


Poor Max!


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