Mustered Out on Mertactor


Departure from Tarkine

The party members are up early to prepare for the morning departure. The buyer for the av gas turns up at 08.00 as planned, but there is no sign of Max yet. It seems as if he did not return from Delis during the night.

Autumn sighs and takes care of all of the paperwork while Jie and Stian help load up the barrels onto the 18-wheeler that was sent to collect the barrels.

Once the loading is complete, they head back into the ship. Will is already starting his pre-flight routine and Grim is turning over the engines.

Just ten minutes before departure, a cab screams to a halt outside the ship and Max rushes out of it before heading up the gangplank.

Taeva immediately notices that Max is covered in the remains of some yellow feathers.

Max grins at her:

“Well I ‘ad to check to make sure, didn’t I?” he says with a smirk. “And was was wrong. She most definitely does have a cha-cha, which I spent the night filling with my salsa.”

He strolls off to his stateroom, whistling a happy tune and then promptly falls asleep.

Unguin’s Princess is cleared for launch and so, without any more ado, Will pulls back on the controls and sends the A2 into the air. With no passengers onboard, they are able to dip for fuel this time and so Will firsts heads out over the ocean, skimming the surface until Grim tells him that the tanks are now full. With that, Will brings the ship’s nose up and heads for the skies.

The journey to jump diameter is an uneventful one and, a little after 14.30, Unguin’s Princess safely slips into hyperspace.



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