Mustered Out on Mertactor


Selling the Av Gas

Max is gone all day. The magnesium that he ordered arrives during the day and so the party members have some activity as they help to unload the remaining barrels of av gas onto the apron around the ship and check the containers of magnesium. All is in order with them and so Jie positions them into the cargo bay, completely filling it.

Max returns at 17.00 telling them that he has found a buyer for the av gas and at a decent price too. Altogether, the last cargo run from Pagaton to Tarkine has brought in Cr. 611,000, more than the cost of replacing the AGC.

He tells them that he concluded the deal too late in the day for the delivery to be made, so he arranged it for first thing in the morning. As a result, he tells Will that it should be OK to get a departure slot at 10.00am the following day.

He then tells the others with a sly grin that he thinks he left something at the motel in Delis and so needs to go back there to get it. Before anyone can make any further inquiries, he is out of the door and hailing a cab.



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