Mustered Out on Mertactor


Meeting The Overbluff

There is nothing for the party to do other than to wait and hope that Overbluff’s Lieutenant makes contact and so they return to their places at the hotel bar – where they seem to have spent much of the past few days, and try and pass the time.

Fortunately they only have to wait for a few hours until, while they are taking lunch in the hotel restaurant, they get a message to say that the greengrocer’s urchin has returned. The urchin confirms that the Overbluff’s Lieutenant has come back and is asking to see them.

The party members quickly pack overnight bags and then they all head back to the greengrocer’s. Sure enough,the Lieutenant is waiting for them.

“As I thought, the Overbluff was not interested in coming to Soumester,” the Lieutenant says. “But he is interested in meeting with you and so has invited you to join him on his island. If you wish, we can go immediately. Otherwise, just let me know when it would be convenient.”

Knowing that they are already way behind schedule in the mission, the party members tell the Lieutenant that they are ready to head to the island immediately. They then head off with the Lieutenant, while Max pays the greengrocer the rest of his introducer’s fee.

They follow the Lieutenant and his two bodyguards around a couple of corners to where a medium-sized helicopter is waiting for them in a small patch of parkland. Once all are onboard, the chopper takes to the air and then heads southeast.

For the next couple of hours, the chopper flies low over the island of Blavyn, following the contours of the land until it reaches it reaches the sea and the final hour of the journey is spent skimming over the choppy seas on the final leg of the journey to the Overbluff’s island.

As the island comes into sight, all of the party members peer through the windows to get an overview of the island. It is not large – round with a diameter of maybe 1500m. There are several buildings scattered across the island, but it seems only sparsely populated.

The chopper lands on a landing pad and they see that there is also an executive jet there through the open doors of the hangar. Everyone piles out of the chopper and into a van which the chopper pilot drives to the Overbluff’s villa, a medium sized two-storey building, located at the edge of a plateau. The Lieutenant bids everyone to enter the building along with him.

On the way, Taeva checks out security. She sees that there is a guardpost in front of the villa and spots another couple of guards keeping watch on the roof.

The Lieutenant leads them into the villa and tells them to wait in the entrance hall while he summons the Overbluff. The entry hall is filled with expensive artworks, many of which show portraits of someone – presumably the Overbluff himself. Stian asks Miranda if any of the artworks belonged to the Church, but she says that she doesn’t recognize any of the pieces.

The party members hang around for half an hour until the Lieutenant returns and tells them that the Overbluff is ready to receive them. He then leads them into the kitchen.

The Overbluff shakes everyone by the hand. For a master criminal, he seems to be quite ordinary and jovial – perhaps a little too ordinary and jovial. Several of the party members notice that he looks slightly different from the pictures of him that are hanging in the lobby.

The Overbluff is only of secondary interest to them, however. They came here to find The Connoisseur. Miranda says that it is best if she gives lessons directly to the Overbluff’s chef. The Overbluff agrees without hesitation and calls him through. To the party member’s disappointment, however, it is not The Connoisseur who comes from the kitchens, but rather a young and quite inexperienced chef.

Miranda masks her disappointment and gets down to the demonstration of some of the best recipes in her collection. She can tell that the chef must have been trained by The Connoisseur at some point, however.

The Overbluff and the party members watch on for the first thirty minutes, but then it starts to get a little dull. The Overbluff stifles a yawn and asks to be excused. He does invite the party members to stay overnight, however, and to join him for dinner in the evening so that they can sample the results of the cooking. With that he heads off.

The Lieutenant, who has obviously been told to mind everyone, is looking equally bored. The party members ask if it might be possible to get a tour of the island while Miranda is making the demonstration and the Lieutenant is glad to oblige, obviously finding this to be a more interesting way of spending a couple of hours.

The party members are then escorted on a tour of the island, noting exactly where everything is located. Although they are not invited into any of the buildings, there are no signs of anything untoward happening at the island – it all seems relatively normal.

It is dusk by the time that the tour is finished. The Lieutenant shows everyone to the guest rooms on the ground floor of the west wing of the building and leaves them to freshen up a little. As soon as they are left alone, Taeva sweeps the rooms for bugs or cameras, but does not find anything. The party members discuss what to do next. They decide to leave any further investigations until everyone should be asleep.

An hour later and the party members are informed that they should come to the dining room as dinner is served. The dining room turns out to be the most ornate room that they have seen to date. The west wall is filled with a fabulously detailed mural showing airships drifting across a green landscape. Will studies the landscape carefully and quickly comes to the realization that the planet must be Tarkine.

The Overbluff arrives and takes his place at the head of the table, still escorted by his two bodyguards. Butlers serve dinner while the Overbluff chats with the party members – it would appear that he is very grateful for the company as he was getting bored being on the island for such a long time. Miranda did a great job with the catering, and the Overbluff is very happy with the results, agreeing to her fee of Cr. 20,000.

Once the dinner is finished, the brandies arrive. The Overbluff asks if any of the party members prefer to imbibe nasally rather than orally. Max’s eyes light up with the offer and, before any of the other party members can stop him, says that he definitely would prefer it.

The Overbluff’s eyes light up as a butler is summoned and brings with him a tray of various different powders, which the Overbluff and Max proceed to hoover up rapidly. The other party members, realizing that they need to keep their wits about them in order to make their investigations during the night, decline. So Max has their shares as well so as not to cause any offense.

An hour later and both the Overbluff and Max are both as high as kites. The Lieutenant has a quiet word in the Overbluff’s ear and he reluctantly agrees that it is probably best if he called it a night. He is escorted up by his bodyguards. The party members also tell the Lieutenant that it is time they turned in as well. They thank the Lieutenant for his hospitality and head for their rooms, dragging Max along with them.

It is a little after 23.00 now. The party members decide to leave it a while before they start making their explorations of the building.



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