Mustered Out on Mertactor


The Overbluff's Lieutenant

The party members spent the following day just hanging around at the hotel, not being able to leave in case they get word from the grocer. But no word comes. They resign themselves to the fact that they could be waiting her quite a while.

However, they don’t have to wait as long as they feared they may. Early in the afternoon of the following day, a butler arrives to where the party members have based themselves in the hotel bar delivering a message. The message says that there is an ‘urchin’ waiting outside for them.

The party members head outside and the street urchin tells them that he has been sent by the greengrocer and they should come to his shop as quickly as possible. The party member summon Miranda and then they all head to the greengrocer.

They see a slim, middle-aged man dressed in black who is accompanied by two well armed and armored bodyguards. The man looks at the party members suspiciously as the greengrocer introduces them, then folds his arms, waiting to see what offer they have to make.

As usual, Max does the talking, taking on the role of Miranda’s Business Manager. He tries to offer the Overbluff some special recipes for Cr. 50,000. The Overbluff’s Lieutenant just scoffs at the amount. Max tries again at Cr. 20,000 – this seems like a more reasonable price. Max tells the Lieutenant that the Overbluff will need to come Soumester in order to learn the recipe. The Lieutenant says that he is not sure that the Overbluff will be willing to spend the whole day travelling, but says that he will ask at least.

The party members look at one another, but they know that they are not in a great bargaining position. Max shrugs and says that, if this is the only chance of making a deal with the Overbluff, then so be it.

The Lieutenant shakes each party member by the hand and says that, if the Overbluff is interested, he will be back in touch via the greengrocer. If they don’t hear from him again, it means that the Overbluff was not interested.

It’s not an ideal solution, but the party members know that it will be a lot easier than having to try and get on the island themselves and so agree to the terms. They thank the greengrocer for his assistance in setting up the meeting, Max bungs him a few hundred, as agreed and then the party members set off back to the hotel.

Taeva continually looks over her shoulder on the way, remembering all too well that the Overbluff’s team has followed them back to their hotels before. She doesn’t spot anyone but stays paranoid throughout the rest of the evening and night, organizing a watch rota. The night is without incident, however.



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