Mustered Out on Mertactor


Relaxing in Jump

After over a month on the run, the staterooms of the Tide is Turning feels like a palace and the party members enjoy the luxury of warm beds and hot showers as if it’s the first time that they have ever experienced them.

For the first couple of days, the party members just want to chill out, sleeping, lazing around the common room or their staterooms, soaking up the comparative luxury, eating food that isn’t game roasted over a small fire and drinking liquids other than melted snow (even if there is no alcohol left onboard).

As with everything though, the novelty of returning to high-tech comfort and civilization doesn’t last for long and the feelings of relief are soon replaced by those of boredom, so the party members return to their training regimes for the remainder of the jump back to Collace.


Energy rifle from 3 to 4. After this week I should only have 44 more jumps to go till I’m really good at shootimg things!


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