Mustered Out on Mertactor


An Offer to the Grocer

After breakfast, they had back to meet with the grocer to put a proposal to him.

They tell him that they are actually in the service of one of the top cooks in District 268 who has some very exclusive recipes that they are willing to sell to a man of great taste and refinement such as the Overbluff. If the grocer can arrange a meeting with the Overbluff, then they will pay him some excellent commission for the introduction.

The grocer thinks about it for a while then, realizing that it could be a very easy way for him to make some additional cash, agrees to speaking to the Overbluff’s representative about it. He says that it has been several weeks since he last came and so it should hopefully not be long before he comes again. He says that he cannot make any promises, but he will do his best to sell the Overbluff’s representative on the idea.

This is good enough for the party members and so they give the grocer an advance and tell him where they are staying. They shake hands and then they are off.

They then head back to the shuttle port where Max writes another message, asking Miranda to come down to help with the ruse and to bring her cooking equipment and some ingredients with her. They also ask her to bring some of their spare gear down with her to replace that which was lost in the AGC crash.

They spend several hours in the tavern waiting for Miranda to arrive. Late in the afternoon, they are relieved to see Miranda’s jovial form entering the tavern, looking very pleased to see them once again. Outside is a porter carrying her luggage and the other equipment that the party members ordered.

Not wanting to give too much information away in the tavern in case Miranda picked up a tail, they hail some hansom cabs to take them back to the Radisson. Once they are safely back in the hotel, they tell Miranda what they have learned from the grocer and the plan which they have devised. Miranda is happy to go along with it, now getting impatient as to the amount of time it is taking to rescue The Connoisseur.

With the plan now having been agreed up, there is nothing more that they can do apart from to wait until the Overbluff’s representative shows up at the grocer’s.



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