Mustered Out on Mertactor


Grocer's Stakeout

The party members assemble for breakfast – glad to be eating something other than fish and seaweed for a change, and then embark upon their mission for the day.

They spend the rest of the day going around all of the high class food sellers – the butchers, the bakers, the greengrocers – trying to find anyone who might supply the Overbluff with his supplies.

In a city of over three million inhabitants, the exercise is a little like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, they target only the suppliers of the highest quality foodstuffs on the hunch that, if The Connoisseur really is captive on the Overbluff’s Island, then he would require the very best produce that it is possible to buy in Soumester.

It takes a lot of questioning and bribes from Max,together with a lot of trial and error, before they finally find what they are looking for – a greengrocer who says that he does supply members of the Nittichippin Mercenary Company with much of their supplies.

Max palms the proprietor a wad of creds in return for the dirt on the Nittichippin. The grocer pockets the cash and informs the party members that they started ordering some of the best foodstuffs from him around a couple of months ago – prior to this time, their orders were very ordinary, but since then, they have been ordering the best that he can get – caviar, quails’ eggs, lobster, etc.

He tells the party members that they come around once per month to take in new supplies which they load into a helicopter before presumably heading back to the island.

This sets the party members thinking, but they need a while longer to decide what to do with the information. Max gives the grocer another wad of credits to keep him sweet and then return to the hotel. They spend the evening devising a plan and then call it a night.



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