Mustered Out on Mertactor


Arrival in Soumester

The gunboat slowly steamed across the ocean day and night across the calm blue seas of the seemingly endless ocean. There is little for the party members to see or do during the period, the calm waters seeming to go on forever.

The party members help out in the boiler room during the trip, shoveling dried seaweed into the boiler in order to keep a full head of steam on the ship knowing that the more power to the steam paddles, the faster they will get to their destination.

It is shortly after breakfast on the third day out at sea that one of the Callios crewing the gunboat shouts out ‘Land ahoy!’

It stills takes the rest of the morning to steam towards the island nation of Blavyn. By lunchtime they can see that the capital city of Soumester is ahead of them – once again the Callios have demonstrated their navigation skills, despite having nothing but sextants and the stars to plot their course by.

The small gunboat steams into the bustling port and a berth is found for the vessel, dwarfed by the larger boats which surround it.

The party members tell the gunboat crew to stay in port until they give them further instructions and the crew is happy to oblige, excited to be in the new environment, but at the same time a little nervous.

Cautiously the party members advance into the city, paranoid in case they might be watched by agents of the Overbluff. They are dressed in gear donated by the Callios. While not attracting the same kind of interest that they would have been sure to receive by wearing their regular offworld clothes, they still stand out and so the first trip they make is to buy some local clothes so that they blend into their surroundings a little better. Once properly dressed, they decide that their first priority should be to check in with the Princess to check upon their safety and to reassure Autumn and Miranda that they are still alive.

Max asks around to see if there are any shuttles to the highport and quite quickly finds that there is. They head towards the shuttle port, and find it on the edge of the city. Still nervous that the shuttle port may be being watched, they don’t risk taking a trip up there. Instead Max asks around at the nearby taverns and soon finds some of the shuttle crew between shifts, easily noticeable from their modern uniforms. Max has words with one of the stewards and, for the sum of Cr. 50, asks them to deliver a message to the Princess telling Autumn that they are safe and checking on whether she and Miranda are OK.

The party members hang around at the tavern for the rest of the afternoon, waiting for the steward to return. It’s early evening when he does, bringing a message back with him. The party members are all anxious for word from the ship and are relieved to hear that Autumn and Miranda are both fine and now very much relieved at hearing that the party members are all fine, having grown increasingly concerned during the long period that they were out of contact.

Reassured now, the party members leave the tavern, asking on the way out for directions to the best hotel in Soumester and are given the way to the Radisson. It’s back close to the port and so they hail a couple of hansom cabs to take them there.

They check in, relieved that there are some rooms free, albeit that they are not cheap. It’s a small price to pay though to sleep in proper beds for the night rather than the hammocks of the Callios’ floating island. It also gives the party a chance to recharge their energy weapons from the hotel’s fusion generator.

The party members spend the rest of the evening in the hotel restaurant, deciding upon their strategy for finding out information on the Overbluff here. Once they have decided upon their plans for the next day, they head to the comfort of their rooms to get a good night’s sleep.



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