Mustered Out on Mertactor


Life With the Sea Nomads

Although they are not allowed access to their weapons, the party members are free to do as they wish aboard the raft-town. Everywhere they go, the reactions of the nomads is not terribly friendly and they are viewed with suspicion.

In order to try and ingratiate themselves with the sea nomads, the party members embark on a ‘hearts and minds’ campaign by helping the nomads. Will sets up a little doctor’s surgery and soon has a stream of visitors to the shack that is serving as their base. It certainly seems to be having the desired effect as the attitudes of the nomads are changing, although the contents of his medikit are taking quite a battering in the process.

Grim helps out in the engine-room, helping grease the prop-shaft with his favorite oily rag. The others help out too in any way they can.

Apart from Max.

Max just tries to get off with all of the dusky-skinned maidens he can find until Jie gives him a smack and tells him to lay off in case he tries it on with someone’s daughter/girlfriend/wife/mother and he ends up undoing all of the others’ good work.

While still not assimilated into nomad life, the party members start to earn some respect among the nomads.



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