Mustered Out on Mertactor


Back at the Highport

Max is up and out quite early in order to look for trade goods, while Autumn gives Miranda a call and tells her of the change of plans.

With Will’s help, Grim makes a shopping run, buying a few thousand credits worth of mining assay and sampling equipment to support their cover story that the Princess is on a mineral survey job for a large mining company from outsystem. To keep things simple, he goes with what he knows for a background, using his great uncle Rupert’s Gliss Nine Mining Concerns as the parent company. He briefs Will on the company basics, as Will’s role as Surveyor in Chief should mean he’ll be answering most of the questions.

Max is back late in the evening, looking a little disappointed.

“Couldn’t find anything I liked,” he says with a shrug. “I’m gonna need another day. If I can’t find anything decent by the end of play tomorrow, I’ll just ‘ave to fill the ’old with generic crap that’s better than shippin’ fresh air.”

The party members have a quiet night in.



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