Mustered Out on Mertactor


RoboDog Rats

As usual, crew and passengers assembled in the passenger lounge for a hearty breakfast courtesy of Miranda mid-morning. Once it is all cleared away and the crew members return to their daily training activities, Taeva summons Arvor to her room.

The pair of them sit down as Taeva connects to RoboDog’s hard drive and they see what goings on the dog saw during the night.

For the first half an hour, all onboard the ship is silent. But then they see Will and Autumn emerging from the elevator. The pair of them furtively look around them and then start to creep forward on tiptoes towards the passenger staterooms.

Will knocks gently on the door to Devon’s room, while Autumn does the same on Chad’s. A few moments later and both doors are answered, and the pair of them slip inside.

Taeva fast forwards through the next few hours as there is no sign of any activity. Around half an hour before the crew’s normal waking time, first Will and then Autumn crack open the doors and look around before hurrying for the elevator. Both of them look tired, dishevelled, but happy.

The remainder of the day is without incident and, once again, evening brings another of Miranda’s banquets. Relationships between Max and Raylene have been worsening by the day, with the result that they now sit on opposite sides of the table. Grim doesn’t help Max’s temper any by making eyes at Raylene, with Raylene making eyes back at him. A furious Max storms out of the passenger lounge and shuts himself in his stateroom for the rest of the evening.


Will! You slut!! ;)


Ahhhh. What a night!, er, night’s sleep! How are you this morning Mr Grimstead. Everything right with the engines? Oh, look at that lovely nebula!


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