Mustered Out on Mertactor


Rumbled at the Lakeside Inn

After a relaxing night’s sleep, the party members enjoy a hearty breakfast before going to check out of the Lakeside Inn. Here, however, the receptionist tells them that they are under instructions from the police not to let anyone leave the hotel, or to hand IDs back until they have been interviewed by the police.

The party member discuss the matter to decide whether to agree to this, or to simply abandon their IDs now as they still have another set they can use. Having gotten through three police checks already though and having nothing incriminating on them, they decide to wait for the police to arrive, which the receptionist tells them should be later in the afternoon.

The Lakeside in is a far from unpleasant place to be under house arrest and they spend the rest of the morning lazing in the warm, spring sunshine, swimming in the clear lake or having a massage in the spa centre. After a very pleasant lunch, they hang around in the hotel waiting for the arrival of the police.

It’s around 17.00 when the police arrive – a couple of officers who come to join the party members in the lounge. The interview starts off in similar style to the ones at the road blocks. The sergeant asks Arvor where they were staying the night before last. Arvor says that they spent it in a hotel in a town on the road from Petuary to Twalarsk.

The police have obviously cross-referenced their IDs to their stay in the hotel in Twalarsk the previous evening though as they ask the party members to accompany them to the station.

Knowing that the game is up, the party members swing into action. Arvor lunges for the sergeant’s autopistol, but it is secured in his holster. Jie headbutts the other cop with the machinepistol, but causes him only slight damage. Taeva manages to stab the sergeant with her needler, but again the damage it causes is only slight. Max manages to knee the other cop in the groin and he bends over with the pain.

The sergeant draws his pistol and shoots Taeva in the side, but it’s not enough to drop her. Arvor then grapples with the sergeant, knocking his pistol from his hand and scuttling across the floor, where Grim rushes to grab it.

The party members swing at the cops, but only cause some minor damage. The cop with the Uzi shoots at Max at point blank range and Max tumbles to the ground in a pool of blood.

The sergeant lunges at Grim trying to retrieve the pistol, but Grim easily manages to side step him. Jie grapples the other one down to the ground, pinning his arm down so he can’t use the Uzi on anyone else.

With Grim pointing the autopistol at him, the sergeant realizes that this fight is now lost and throws his hands up in surrender. Jie takes the Uzi off the other cop and points it at him.

Will drops to see to Max.

“He’s in a bad way,” Will says gravely. “I need to operate on him immediately.”

The other occupants of the lounge are screaming. The party members realize that there’s no stealthy way out of this situation now as there are just too many witnesses.

They strip the cops of their weapons, their jack armor and their uniforms and then quickly make their exit from the hotel. They carefully carry Max into the back of the van while Arvor cuts the phonelines. Jie takes the wheel of the police cruiser while Grim monitors the police radio. Will takes the wheel of the van, with Arvor and Taeva with him in the front seat following the police car.

They cruise through the streets of Marianske Spa as fast as they can without arousing attention. Fortunately they don’t pass by any police cars as they drive through the quiet, empty streets of the upmarket resort town. Ten minutes later, they are outside the town limits in the open countryside again, heading south along the perimeter or the lake. Will looks anxiously at Max. He’s conscious now and screaming in agony. He needs to attend to him immediately. They see a sign to Sunnybrook Farm and take the turn, bringing the vehicles up the dry muddy road that leads to a large, somewhat rundown farmhouse.

Jie knocks at the door, and it’s opened by a buxom looking middle-aged woman. As soon as she sees Jie pointing the Uzi at her, she screams and throws her hands in the air. Jie quickly secures her and her husband and puts them in the cellar out of the way.

The others carefully carry Max to the kitchen where they place him on the kitchen table. The others then leave Will to do his work. The others wince as they hear the screams coming from the kitchen. An hour later and Will emerges with a look of relief writ large upon his face.

“He’ll make it,” Will says. “He’s not going to be a lot of use to us for the next few days though.”

The police radio splutters into life. They have found out about the events now and order all cars in the area to be on the look out for the party’s van and the stolen police car, with caution urged because the suspects are armed and dangerous.

The sun is low in the sky now – it will be dusk in 15 minutes. They look around for some transport at the farm. It’s pretty low-tech though. There’s just an old tractor with an open trailer and several horses – no cars or vans there.

Realizing that the van provides the only means of transport that will arouse a minimum of attention, the party members quickly fill it with all of the useful materials that they can find on the farm which may be of use to them on their journey. They take a mattress which they place in the back of the van and then carefully place Max on it, keeping him warm with blankets. They fill the remainder of the spare space with a barrel of diesel which they found in a barn, batteries from both the tractor and the police cruiser, as much food as they can find on the farm, plus a selection of tools. Together, Arvor and Grim take the police radio out of the cruiser and install it into the van.

Half an hour later and the van is fully loaded and it is now almost completely dark. Jie takes the driver’s seat, Grim the passenger seat where he will act as navigator, with Arvor monitoring the police radio transmissions in the centre seat at the front. In the back, Will keeps an eye on Max while Taeva keeps a look out through the back door.

The van sets off back down the dry dirt track to the main road. It’s painfully slow going with Jie having to drive in complete darkness as there is no moon tonight.

The police radio is buzzing with traffic. It’s obvious that the police are setting up roadblocks just about everywhere they can in order to throw a cordon around Marianske. Grim is looking for the smallest roads he can find on the map in an attempt to find a route through the road blocks. Arvor reads out the location of any of the road blocks that he can ascertain from the information coming in over the radio, which Grim marks on the map. He is constantly needing to revise the route when they learn of another road block somewhere up ahead in an attempt to get around them.

On several occasions they can hear the sound of helicopters overhead. They appear to be travelling too fast and are too high in the sky to be conducting a search though – it’s more likely that they are moving squads of gendarmes around, bringing in additional manpower.

After a couple of hours of very slow travel, during which time they have doubled back on many occasions trying to find a way though, they are travelling down a small, single-track road when they can just detect the glow of lights from up around a corner. There are no villages in the vicinity.

Jie brings the van to a halt. Taeva quietly leaves the rear of the van and heads through the darkness to take a look at what’s up ahead.

“There’s a police cruiser blocking the road,” she reports. “No way that we can drive around it. There are four cops with it – two with shotguns and two with SMG pistols.”

Grim looks at the map again and lets out a sigh.

“I don’t think that this is going to work,” he says. “The local cops know these roads a lot better than we do and they seem to have the place sealed up tight. I really don’t think that we’re going to simply find an unblocked road here, no matter how small they might be.”

The party members discuss their options for a while and decide to try and use their radio to send them off on a wild goose chase. As quietly as possible, Jie turns the van around and they drive back the way they came, away from the roadblock. Once they are 2km away, Arvor spots a simple track which leads up to a banana plantation. Jie slows down and turns into the drive until the van is out of sight from the road.

Arvor sets thee power output of the radio to low so that only the cops at the road block should be in range of the broadcast and starts to talk in an urgent, panicky voice:

“—click…shhhh…{bang..bang} (hitting mic on dash)… unit niner-zero-four.. officer down… we are under fire… {bang}…officer down…intersection 14th sideroad and 3rd..{bang}.. all units shhhhhhhh……”

He keeps the mic open in the hope that it will stop the unit from checking that the orders are for real.

Taeva, Grim and Jie head for the road where they hide in ditches alongside it, while Arvor stays on the radio and Will continues to tend to Max in the back.

Just a couple of minutes later and they see headlights approaching at top speed. As it gets closer, they see to their relief that it is all four cops that are heading off to the location that Arvor gave them.

Relieved that the plan worked, everyone heads back to the van and Jie starts it up again, before heading back northeast towards the coast. They manage to get through the roadblock without a problem.

However, it seems as if their celebrations are going to be short-lived. Arvor checks some of the other channels and finds that the police cruiser has arrived at the location which Arvor gave them, and obviously found nothing there. As a result, they used one of the other channels to check with their superiors, only to learn that the transmission was fake. All hell has been let loose again now as the cops have a new approximate fix on the the party’s location and the officer in charge is sending most of the assets that he has at his disposal to cover it.

“What do you want me to do not?” Jie asks. “I can’t go more than 10kmh without lights or I will definitely end up putting us in a ditch. Put the lights on and we’re easy to spot from a chopper. Even with the lights on, the cruiser is a lot faster than we are and so it won’t be long before they catch up with us.”

The party members discuss their options for a few minutes and decide that it will be better to double back. Jie reverses the van and looks for the first driveway she can find. She drives up it until it is hidden from the road. Just a few minutes later, the pursuing police cruiser passes the driveway.

She turns the van around and set back in the opposite direction. However, after just five minutes of driving, they can see lights up ahead again around a corner. Taeva heads up to investigate, and see that there is another police cruiser parked up in front of a bridge. There is no way around it.

Jie turns the van around yet again, looking for the entrance to the first available farm, and finds it just a kilometer further up the road. Leaving the van a short distance from the farmhouse, Taeva heads up to check up on it. At this time of night there is no one awake. There is a barn with a couple of horses. As quietly as possible, the party members push the van up into the empty barn to make sure that it is out of sight from any choppers and then disappear off leading the two horses with them, placing Max on one of them and their baggage on the other. They then head back to the river, wading across it some 500m away from the roadblock.

Once they are on the other side, they continue looking for farms. The second farmhouse they pass looks like the place to be – Sunny Star Stud Farm. They head up and find that there are seven more horses in the barn there, so decide to liberate the lot of them. Jie and Taeva put the saddles and bridles on the horses and then help the others to mount up. The two girls then lead the others away from the farm heading back towards the lake, keeping close to the rows of lemon trees and well away from the road.

As dawn rises, they have made good progress, but are still 5km away from the lakeside. They decide to risk continuing in the light, keeping close to the bushes to keep them out of sight from the road and the occasional chopper flying overhead. After a 90 minute ride, they eventually make it to the lakeside.

Knowing that the horses will be missed already, Taeva and Jie take the horses southeast so as not to give their pursuers any clues as to the fact that they intend to carry on by boat now.

While the two girls are riding away, the Arvor leads the others as they look for a boat. It takes only thirty minutes before they get lucky – the second house that they come to is a holiday cottage which is empty, with a relatively new motor cruiser moored at the bottom of the garden. Arvor breaks into the cottage and the others head inside. There is not so much of use inside the cottage, but there are some tinned goods which will feed them for a while and also a transistor radio.

Grim checks out the boat. He’s easily able to hot wire it and sees that the tank is three-quarters full of diesel, which should be good for a fair distance.

While they are waiting for the girls to return, they listen to the radio. The police have discovered the missing horses and are warning everyone in the area to be on high alert for the dangerous criminals operating in the area.

Max quickly falls asleep after the exertions of the ride in his still fragile conditions. The other three organize a watch rota with one keeping a look out in case the police come to check out the cottage while the other two are able to grab some sleep.


Please let me know who has got which weapon. You have:

1 × 9mm autopistol
1 x SMG Pistol Type
1 x Combat Shotgun

Each weapon has a full mag in place (apart from the 4 shots fired from the Uzi) and two spare mags. The Uzi takes 16 round magazines, not 30 round.

You also have two suits of jack.

I need to know what the plan is next.


Jie is more then willing to wear a suit of jack and wield the shotgun. Her skill with the shotgun is 0 but her DEX gives her a + 1 and the recoil will only impose a – 1 initiative penalty. If anyone is better at it please take it. Could the jack be used for splinting Max or Taevas’ wounds? Tightly binding it to become a make shift cast of sorts? (Not too tight!)

I believe we should head east to one of the 2 coastal cities and rip off a boat to take us to Southport then by train to Pavabid Down. They will eventually use helicopters to search for us and if we stay alert and near the coastline we may escape detection. We could make land fall at night and gather food and fresh water. It’s about a 2000 to 2500 kilometer trip.

As for witnesses, we can claim that we are a militant branch of the Pavabid Democratic Front (P.D.F.) and the Moon told us to do it!! Or something equally crazy to lay the blame on their shoulders. The Baroness even said that they may claim the assassination just out of bravado! We tie the farmers up with food and water with in reach, put sugar in the gas tank of the tractor, find and smash any communication devices then bolt. No one will be the wise to the fact that Ovibid was right all along, Off-Worlders are the devil.


Probably best if Arvor takes the Uzi, Taeva the Autopistol, and either Grim or Jie the shotgun. Grim, depending on how we treat “slug longarms” (at which he is level 1 vs. Jie’s level 0), would benefit from the shotgun to a greater extent than would Jie, while she would be able to use a large chef’s knife as a “blade” better than he would (no skill for Grim in “Melee”), but I’m good either way, lol!

Can we assume the armor is “one size fits all”? Or should Nick tell us who it fits?


Cool idea Grim, the shotgun is yours, I’ll find a cleaver suitable to be a ‘Blade’.


I agree with taking the Uzi – Pistol 3 + Dex 1 = +4. Arvor also has Blade (1) – his (brief) stint in the actual Navy was good for something! He can use a cleaver or machete – or whatever the farm may have that would serve. We should check the farm and its barns for any paint – or hair dye. Household paint will do, especially whitewash. A sprinkling of it in the hair, quickly rubbed in will give instant greys. We switch IDs to our alternates (not used for any check-ins as yet), and destroy the others. Everyone should go for a change, mix up clothing (borrow some from farm) and hair. If there is any coloured paint, we should grab it to change the truck up later. We also take the farmer’s ID’s for immediate use. If any of us cuold pass for the farmers at a glance, they can use the ID’s. From the farmers, we get the names of their neighbours, and we check any mail they have looking for local names, companies etc. None of this will help us in the next 24 hours, but it may help later.

I believe they will focus the search on this area and south of here, and transportation links from here to Shebleharm, so I agree with Russ – we should hit the coast and get a boat.

Because Max cannot undertake anything strenuous, we still need transport, or to find a place to lay low. I say we use the map to take a route east avoiding all population centres. As we go, we look out for alternative transport (a truck in a farm, for example).

We should get out of here, and head east through the night. Run in full blackout as best we can. Either Jie or William will have to drive the truck, with Max in the back padded on a matress from the farm. We should be prepared for a full firefight at any time. If we make it to to pre-dawn, we will need to hole up someplace for the day. Somewhere we can hide the truck and ourselves – such as an abandoned farm with a barn, or just an abandoned barn or other large building with no house in sight.


I agree with the coastal plan. If we’re lucky, the PDF will seize the assassination as an opportunity to stir up trouble, or, if our claims to be PDF work, to defend themselves. I think we should be cautious about more thefts though as reports of stolen vehicles might tip the police to our boat plan—given the low rural population with presumed low crime rates, it might be obvious to a smart cop what we’re up to.

William can drive (0, but DEX4) but either Will or Jie will have to provide long-term care to Max to maximize his healing.


Well then, Jie driving with Grim (literally) riding shotgun to Nav/Recon, Will in back to tend to Max, Arvor to monitor stolen radio (I assume we’re taking it out of the police car and having Grim wire it into the vans elec harness?) and Teava to keep an eye on our rear out the back window? I agree re: travelling at night, this low TL won’t have much in the way of night vision, though what they do have will surely be focused in our area as we must be among the prime suspects in the foul play that befell their dear leader. Hopefully, as Jay points out, the PDF will use this as an opportunity to react and cause some trouble. To add to our subterfuge, we can drive through the dirt at the farm as though we’re heading in the opposite direction (I assume the driveway area isn’t paved) and then change direction when we hit pavement. Our tire tracks might confuse them. Further, we should have a subtle hint or two dropped within earshot of the tied up police and farmers (by Arvor- native accent plus Deception) linking us to a local branch of the PDF (this might help focus attention on the area around here while we run)…

Head for the coast!


Also, as you all saw at the assassination, Grim is a thespian par excellence! No, really he has Linguistics skill, so he picks up on accents, etc, fairly well. Now, let’s assume Arvor can teach him the accent of a region far from (and in the opposite direction of) where we’re travelling to…then Arvor and Grim could exchange a few words in this accent where the captives can hear and give them another red herring to bite on…it wouldn’t have to be anything extensive, just a few key words exchanged to give the impression we’re natives of another area…


Arvor “Well laddie me boy, these local fellas sure could muck up a wet dream. Next time we’re down this way we’ll ask for better intel from the boyos!”
Grim “Aye sir, aye!”

See? We sound like Irish Pirates from the North, lol!


There’s no real advantage to tearing up the jack. There are enough materials for splints, etc. in the farmhouse.

The armo(u)r is one size fits all, so anyone can wear it.

There are plenty of bladed implements around the farm that you can take – blades, knives, daggers, hatchets, and great (wood) axes, so help yourselves.

There is no hair dye on the farm, but there is whitewash and bleach available.

The farmer and his wife are too old (and fat) for you to pass as. You manage to interview them pretty well as they are terrified.

Grim and Arvor together will have no problem taking the radio out of the police car and putting it into your van.

The track to the farm is dirt. You’re up in a Mediterranean/SoCal climate though in spring and so it’s pretty dry and so dirt tracks up here are dusty rather than muddy.

I need to come up with a better map for you so that you can plan your route which I will do in a few hours. Until then, please let me know if there’s anything else you want to try and source from the farmhouse.


Some points to consider:

-We are now the most hated people on the planet-we’ve assasinated a popular leader
-Our descriptions will be circulated to all cops, and on the news to the public

In other words I doubt we can rely on moving through any public area without high a degree of risk.

We are on our own now entirely, without even the benefit of public transport- too dangerous.

Air searches are likely. My view is that we are too hot at the moment-I don’t think we are going to escape from this quickly. I would suggest at least taking the horses as they allow us great flexibility ie cross country travel, and easily hideable/ usable under tree cover (much more so than a truck). Also if the truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere (quite likely as it probably isn’t designed for x country travel) we are completely stuffed.

By the way Nick you forgot to mention bombs going off in writeup-the preceeding prep. doesn’t make much sense without mentioning it.


Well, Grim doesn’t have riding, but he has a high enough Dex that he won’t fall off easily unless we gallop hard. That leaves the question of Max though? How movable is he short term? I know Will rolled really well for the healing job but can he sit a horse? If he can’t then, as I suggested yesterday, we could make a travois to drag behind the horses, but this will slow us down considerably and leave a trail that even a blind, semiretarded monkey could follow.

Also, does the Van have a trailer hitch? Could we trailer the horses and drive aways off so as to camoflage our start point if we don’t want them to just follow our trail directly from the farm into the woods?

I’m sorry I can’t remember what season it is here? From Nick’s descriptions the weather seems mild enough, but is it spring or fall with a chance of cold nights? We can steal some warmer clothes from the farm, but what effect would sleeping in the open have on Max?


The weather is really nice here actually. On the map at the bottom of the Pavabid wiki, the red line below Filstoin is the equator and so you are just in the northern hemisphere. Officially it would be autumn here, but this close to the equator it doesn’t make much difference.

It is around 25C in the daytime and 19C at night time, so no danger of exposure – it’s nice to sleep outside. It doesn’t rain that much here, but it will do so from time to time.

If you climb altitude though it will get colder. If you stick to the coast, it will only be by the time you are south of Brownport that it starts getting cold and muddy.

The van you have is basically one of these:

Although it does have a towing hitch, its 2400cc engine isn’t going to be much use for dragging six heavy horses around!


Don’t horses move themselves?


They do, of course, but I remember reading somewhere that they can’t actually move that fast for long periods of time. I’ve lost the link now, but some uber-nerd historian/D&D player proved that horses can’t really travel much further in a day than humans without a risk of them going lame.

So taking them with you would slow things up a lot compared to how fast you can travel using wheeled transport.


It’s true, I grew up around horses and had a close friend who raised them. Except where there is disregard for the health of the animal, they really don’t speed you up that much in the long run. The major advantages to a horse are twofold: they enhance carrying capacity significantly and they are an emergency food source :-)


Steve – re: horses

a) we can’t bring Max that way.
b) we can’t leave any off-worlder behind.
c) we have 4,500 km to travel before we can get off planet.
d) horses are slower than healthy people.

That is the reason I propose (for the next few hours while we still have a truck), that we get some distance from here as fast as we can. Stealing other trucks (as noted by Will) would only mark our trail.

Looking at the map again – it may be a good time to double back. The nearest coastline is actually north of us. If we head North-east and skirt Twalarsk, we might make the coast in a couple of nights cautious travel. It might also be unexpected, given our apparent trajectory so far. It is also realistic that we could hike to the coast (after abandoning the truck) if we had to. Also, in that direction would be the main rail link between Twalarsk and Fillstoin. I still really fancy the idea of jumping a freight train headed East. We can jump off again before any population centre, and we would get some miles on really quickly – possibly completely bypassing road blocks.

I take it none of us has “flyer” or “boating” in their skills list?


Regarding jumping a freight train – someone using elec/mech can rig a signal to slow a train while the others jump on near middle, then release the signal and jump on as it passes them. Of course this assumes there is any train traffic at all. They might have shut it all down – but we can only try. After all, there is a significant socio-economic cost to shutting down ALL modes of transportation for any length of time.

We would have had to dump the van far from rails though, and well enough hidden to give us a good head start.


The RAF-977 looks a lot like the Bedford Dormobile my family went camping around Europe (and Wales) in during the early 70s. It actually had a crank handle for emergency starts. Good memories.


My point is we seem to be going x country as it is the only route open to us.

In a Forested World going off road I’d have thought a truck is pretty much useless (once we’ve reached limit of dirt track).


OK, I have put the map together for you now. Your current location is under the ‘a’ of Marianske, just south of Twalarsk.

Because it’s quite a highly populated area (the area as a whole has a population of around 25 million) I can’t put every little village and single track road on the map, so you will be able to go cross-country in the immediate area without having to fight your way through banana bushes.

Let me know if you have any questions.


@ Dominic – Knowing Soviet engineering, it was probably a poor copy of a VW Campervan that handled like a sideboard!

I went to a rave in the factory where those things were produced a few years ago, actually!


Things to get from the farmhouse before we leave:
1. Clothing for all weather.
2. Food and water.
3. Any first aid materials, including blankets, sheets for bandages, etc.
4. A more powerful transmitting radio if possible—so we can call the ship if we have to. Let’s keep our eyes open for ham-radio antennae (probably illegal here in the CCCP).


There’s plenty of clothes available for all weathers.

Enough fresh food to last all of you for four days, plus as many mangos as you can take.

They have just a very basic first aid kit on the farm, but there’s plenty of blankets, sheets and other bedding.

They don’t have a transmitter and you will be lucky to find one in private hands. There was no arrangement for the ship to be monitoring AM transmissions in any case.


Is there a prearranged means to signal the ship that (if/when) we are nearby?


Obviously we should avoid major population centres.

We should avoid the “bottleneck” passes between Brisman and Furtler, and the other between Krydol and Shemple. They are very likely to be closely watched.

We could head south into the mountains – and end up slogging probably on foot through forrested and possibly untracked mountains for thousands of km, or we can head to the coast.

I vote we head north-east on minor roads, to cross the Twalarsk / Brisman highway (and rail-line) midway between the two centres, but avoiding towns where at all possible.

As we go, we listen to police and am radio.

We try to hit the river that flows beside Hamwich, and follow it, looking for a boat we can liberate. Once in the estuary near Hamwich, we can switch to a sea-going boat, and head south in that way – travel by night, hole up in the mangroves/bays by day. A pirogue about 30 ft would do nicely as far as sea worthiness is concerned while being hard to spot/easy to hide – although if anyone is seasick they won’t have a fun journey. Going by night only, assuming a speed of 10 knots (average 5 knots over 24 hours), it would take us the best part of 3 weeks to get to Southport.


Fuel. How much can we steal from the farm? We have plenty of cash and a small (starter) bit of food, but this will take a lot of fuel. Every time we stop for gas there’s a chance we’ll be recognized, so Grim’ll look around the farm for a funnel and hose to help Taeva siphon from vehicles at night (sorry girl, you’re the stealthiest; remember, suck, don’t swallow ;-).

Also, I know we snuck in some basic tools, but those were more apropo of our Telco cover, so Grim’s gonna take as many mechanical tools and as much vehicle “repair” material as they have at the ranch and in the police cruiser (applicable spare tires, Allen wrenches, etc, as well as any vehicle batteries :-).

We will want to keep our eyes open for an opportunistic van or truck to “swap” out for ours as we’re in a tagged vehicle. Likely targets include vehicles stored at long term parking that won’t be missed awhile (train stations are less well guarded than airports and may have some of these), lightly populated farms (like the one we’re at) where the occupants can be tied up to give us a head start, and any vehicle parked out of the way showing obvious signs of long term disuse (the “wash me” finger written in the window faded by a new layer of dust that no one’s bothered to write over :-). Many of these will need to be jump started or have a quick battery swapped out, hence Grims taking the batteries from the cruiser and the tractor…



ooops, hadn’t refreshed in a while….less need for auto gas if we’re heading for the coast but it does bring up the associated problem for Taeva of siphoning from other boats in choppy waters. She’ll just have to bob her head somewhat when she sucks the hose.


Same rules for stealing boats as cars- look for unused ones, the tractor battery will probably be a good substitute for a marine battery in terms of amperage, etc if a boat needs a jump start/hot wire…


Arvors plan sounds good. An old fasioned campout and fishing trip, while everyone on the planet is trying to kill us, of course. Jie finds a big knife…a real big knife.


There is no signal that has been arranged with the ship. The plan is that you just get back to the starport somehow and get back onto the ship and take off.

You are able to fill the tank of the van by syphoning off the diesel in the tractor. There is a barrel of diesel on the farm – 30 gallons – so that should be enough for 1000km of travel on top of the 500km range of the van.

No problem in taking out the batteries from the police cruiser and the tractor. Your van actually uses the same engine as the police cruiser and so you are able to plunder a lot of spare parts from it. There’s less of use available from scavenging parts from the tractor.

So I am assuming that you are going with Arvor’s plan of heading northwest using minor roads.

Can I get a couple of rolls to see how you get on?

I need a ‘trying to drive with no lights in the pitch black and not ending up in the ditch’ Drive roll from Jie, and a ‘trying to keep away from every centre of population’ Nav roll from Grim.

Roll on:

c.c. me at on the results.


Sent you the roll(s), Nick. 3 [1st roll] + 1 [2nd roll] + 3 [skill and EDU] = 7. An ok result if the diffculty is routine [plus 2].



Can someone help me to interpret the healing rules for Max? His regular stats are 665 and this was reduced to 300 from the wound he received.

I think that Will’s effect was 3, which means that Max would have gain 6 points from the surgery (correct me if I am wrong). Does this mean he is now walking wounded and that he is only hospitalized to help him improve quicker, or is he still immobile?


You’re right about Will’s efforts, first aid restores twice the effect of the Medic check (2 × 3 = 6), so Max would be healed from Seriously Wounded (at least 1 point taken from each characteristic, unable to move without assistance, only crawl, loses minor action) to Wounded (at least one attribute restored to full, no combat negatives except those given by amy remaining diminshed stats). So, since it would be Max’s choice where the healing effects are applied, he could dole out the 6 points as he saw fit, as long as he healed one stat up to full to avoid the Seriously Wounded status…

The rules note that further healing occurs at 1 + END DM per day if active, and at 1d6 + END DM per day if resting (in the back of a van), so he’d be wise to heal his END to full using Will’s 1st aid, leaving him a point to put into Dex (giving him 315 and leaving him weak but conscious). Almost any other division of first aid points, given that at least one stat must be full and no stat can be zero (say 612 or 621, since x6x won’t work at all), would leave him with a -2 END DM, making healing slow at best, and then only when resting. As it is, with his low natural END, he can’t really heal whe active, but at least this combination will keep him from getting worse. The rules stipulate a sickbay or hospital for “Doctor assisted” healing, but Will’s pretty bright, maybe he can roll to give Max a plus 1 healing rate? Does this sound right?



Ian is correct on the healing. As a player, I’ll make the pitch that although we’re not in a hospital, Will’s long-term care in the back of the van should be worth something. Perhaps avoiding Max’s penalty for low END?


Well guys, Grim just isn’t the best Navigator! Maybe Grim (Nav 1, Med 0) should tend to Max while Will (Nav 0, Med 1) comes up front, lol!

I say we stop the van a fair distance away, pull it into the bushes, and work around the bushes til we’re behind the cops. We have Recon, Tactics, and Stealth working in our favor!

Option A – Taeva trades Jie the Autopistol and sneaks up close enough to shiv whichever one is nearest the radio while Arvor, Jie (now with pistol), and Grim open fire from close by in the bushes. Arvor (best shot w/slug, carrying SMG) and Taeva (if stealth allows, she’ll be at close quarters) should wear the jack. Will can use one of the cop flashlights we grabbed to blind one of the targets…

Option B – Jie takes Taeva’s Needletto and saunters up dressed like a prostitute, or in rags, or something distracting. Maybe half naked and screaming like she’s been attacked? She shivs one nearest radio. Arvor, Taeva, and Grim open fire from close by in the bushes. Arvor (reasons above) and either Taeva or Grim to wear the Jack. Same thing with Will and the Flashlight…

(both options can be customized by having Will drive the van at high speed into one of the cop cars (NOT the one either Jie or Taeva is near) though this risks damage to the van as well as to Will…)


Arvor has Slug (pistol), so Uzi would be better for him (I think) – at 3 skill +1 dex.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any choices right now. If we stay in the area, they will tighten the cordon until we are caught. If we break out here, they will know exactly where we are, and the chase will be on. Our only hope would be to break out with enough lead time to get out of sight again, and switch modes of transport.

However, I have a plan!

Arvor has been monitoring the radio, and has the call signs of several units, and even the names of some officers. Once we are in position (see below), he will break in to the transmission “—click…shhhh…{bang..bang} (hitting mic on dash)… unit niner-zero-four.. officer down… we are under fire… {bang}…officer down…intersection 14th sideroad and 3rd..{bang}.. all units shhhhhhhh……” giving an intersection a couple of miles west of our position.

So, we in hiding observe their reactions to this. If any start leaving, we wait for them to get out of sight. If it doesn’t seem to have any effect, we hit right away. Either way, we need to hit from stealth, hard and fast. So fast that this entire unit (whatever is left after the diversion) basically goes dark without calling for backup. (I really wish I still had the rifle.) We should be able to sneak up and get good positions on the road block – encircling it from positions of cover in the hedges and ditches. Grim should be a little further back (lack of stealth), only closing quickly when the s**t hits the fan. As soon as Arvor does the radio thing, he should move to Grim’s position and take the Uzi.

Grim – Uzi
Jie – Shotgun
Taeva – Auto-pistol
Arvor – Police radio
Will – at the wheel ready to ram through the roadblock if necessary.

We should take out any officers in vehicles in the surprise round (to stop them radioing or moving) first, then disable the rest as quickly as possible. We would need to manuevre into good enough positions to get clear shots through windows etc.


There is one police car and 4 pissed off dead god worshipers with guns. Simple! We have a stolen police radio and have been monitoring their communications, by now we should know their call signs and administration protocol (Taeva security-1 [?] and Jie, Arvor, Grim and William with Comm skills). We drive the truck and our cruiser to a branch off nearby and try to hide it as best we can. Taeva and Grim can use Engineer-Electronic-1 and the TelCom tool kit to rig our radio to broadcast on the supreme high Big-Boss channel. If need be Taeva and Arvor Mechanic-1 can assist. William will then use his Comm-2 skill to jam the real cops radio (Rules on Pg 53 of MgT. 1-6 minutes, TL 6 Radio, difficult – 2, Opposed check.) From our van it may not ‘intercept’ the real signal so a sneaky person may have to lug the device close to the cop car. Then Arvor with deception-2 or Grim with leadership-1 will pose as Big-Boss on the proper channel and say…

“Car 42…Car 42 come in… Top Priority Order not to be questioned!!! A Police car will escort a Telcom van past your position in about 5 minutes. They are Investigators and are not to be detained or hindered. This is TOP Secret and will not be discussed with anyone else with lower security clearance then myself. That is all”

Then we let the Law level 8 mindless followers salute us as we pass them by. Simple!


Taking Arvors worst case scenario into account, we can still Jam their radio right before we attack. If we could get past them with deception it would be sooo much cooler!


Would Jie by now know everyones skills and levels? When I look at your guys stats I kind of feel like I’m cheating because my character did not learn your stuff in-game. I’d like to think we all discused our strengths and weaknesses before we became the most hunted fugitives on the planet. Hey Nick if you could delet one of my clone-posts that would be great. I’m going to sleep!


Both plans have merit to me, but I vote for Jie’s because it seems likely to give us more time. Arvor’s might be more likely to work in the short term, but the jig is up as soon as the cops get the couple of km to the fake ambush. Jie’s should last until shift change at least (morning?).

We’ll need to be cautious about ramming things with the injured Max in the van, but both plans require that only in the event of failure of “plan A”.


LOL! I still say we just sneak up and bonk them on the head!

@Arvor, it’ll be a little harder for Grim to hand over the gun to Arvor than to just keep firing it once we’re in that position, we really won’t want to lose a turn firing. That, and with a slug weapon, Grim is a better shot than Jie, while Jie can go HTH. My plans, both A and B, maximize our available firepower at the point of attack: Arvor is simply too good a shot to waste on the radio, so if we do end up going with your plan just put Grim on the radio, he can fake an accent with Linguistics skill plus he has Persuade. But really, we’re overthinking this, as Will pointed out, even if they do bite on the fake call it’ll only take them (maximum, if they don’t call HQ to let them know where they’re headed) until they get there to figure it out! Then they’ll call HQ and the chase’ll be on again. Realistically, if we have Taeva in the bushes, listening for a bit, she can tell the intervals they wait to check in, then we can strike right after a checkin call, maximizing our lead time

@Jie, Nick will have to tell us, but I’m not sure Grim and company can turn a regular radio into a jammer, particularly while still leaving it a functional radio. Jammers are specially designed to broadcast over a range of frequencies simultaneously, while normal radios are generally set up to operate over one at a time. Even if we upped the power output to the police radio and held the key open to maximize noise on a channel, all they’d have to do is switch channels to go to the next free one.

The fact is that either plan that uses radio spoofing is extremely likely to have the signal heard by the controllers back at HQ (unless they’re asleep), as they are automatically on the same channel (they’re in communication with each other)! When HQ hears a broadcast calling for help from “Unit 12” or whoever, they’ll get on the radio to “unit 12” asking for confirmation. Just as probable, “Unit 12” may also be on the same frequency at that time and may even get to hear their own fake distress signal! There’re no two ways about it, we have to strike hard and fast. Again Grim apologizes, it was his wimpy Nav roll that landed us in this situation.



Thanks for the clarification on Max’s situation. So Max could jump around if needs be, but he would never get any better if he did as his low END cancels the 1 point he recovers every day.

As Max is being taken good care of, even if he is not in a hospital, then I would say that the hospital healing would be halved. So that would be 1d3-1 for rest plus 1-1+1=1 from Will’s medical care, so it will take him a while to get back to normal.


Note that with proper medical care (sickbay or hospital), Max would recover 2+(-1END)+1(for Will’s medical care) for a total of 2/day spread out 1 to each of his reduced characteristics. This is a guaranteed amount but we’re obviously not in a hospital. Under the circumstances Nick’s plan is generous. We’ll take it!


Sorry, forgot thr normal healing, which should be in there too (1d6-END/day). So, 1d3-1 +1 sounds pretty good to me.


The other cops will know the exact position of the police cruiser blocking us. They will therefore know exactly where we are if they suspect/ investigate a disturbance.

I wouldn’t assume the cops are completely stupid re. us trying to fox them with false calls-
Many of them probably actually know one another.


Re: fake distress call. I wouldn’t write that necessarily write that off.

It is intended to be “reacted” to in the heat of the moment, not thought out and debated over. As I said, the call would be made, over cheap nasty copy walkie-talkies to a jumpy local cop. If Arvor is making the call, it should pass for a local over all the static. Also, we know that they are shipping in cops from all over.

As for the so-called originating unit hearing the call – we can deliberately reduce the power of the signal so as to make it only receivable within a small radius with their equipment (a hundred yards or so). That way, only the unit we intend will hear the message at all. Arvor can make a comms or sensors roll to accomplish that (it should be simple dial on the walkie talkie).

I am not assuming the cops are stupid. Just ignorant of our capabilities. Attempting to fox them (in the way I suggest) costs us nothing at all, and may improve our odds significantly. A best case is we can bypass this roadblock and gain a half-hour or so, vs. fighting our way through and having a chase right on our tail. If you have a better idea, by all means let us know.


I agree with Arvors estimation of the ‘Radio Fake Out’ plan because it makes us look cool by using our mental skills to overcome a problem. Also we can’t ignore the soul hitting crisis all Pavibidians face at this time, with their Immortal Son of the Sun all dead and what-not. These guys are probably not thinking the best and crying on their shot guns. This is a time for the Church to get things done! A time for lowly cops at a road block out in the middle of nowhere to step aside while the Church dose stuff so Important that it cannot be explained nor questioned or even talked about amongst themselves (Please refer to my version of ‘Radio Fake Out’). Again law level 8 on a dictatorship world, these guys probably got to where they are by NOT asking questions.

Although Grims’ thesis on why a ‘Radio Fake Out’ can’t be done seems sound, we are tech level 13 Travelers on a tech level 6 world with an awesome set of T.V. repair tools [Movie quote here]. If Taeva has to aim a radio beam directly at the cruiser from a couple of meters away to ensure no one else hears our fake order, that is a risk I am willing to take!

@Grim- Dude! What are you doing! Nick might actually read this stuff and you shooting us in the foot when you bring in reality and logic! (You and your precious edukashun!) LOL


Sorry, I had to go with Arvor’s plan rather than Jie’s.

Jie’s plan would just have required the cops to be too dumb for them to fall for it. They know the make, colo(u)r and number of your van and they know that you took a police cruiser (which you actually left behind at the farm). So it would need them to be more stupid than Inspector Clouseau to simply agree to sit back and let you escape when it would be obvious that it was ‘the bad guys’ escaping.

Unfortunately I agree with Grim over what can and can’t be done with a radio. The best that you could do would be to jam one channel, but it would still be possible for anyone to use a different one. It would take a specialist jamming device to jam the whole spectrum.


One option now would be to double back. Of course, they know we’re listening to their broadcasts so that might not work. They might even go dark or rotate channels in some pre-arranged pattern we’re not aware of. I think we’re in deep shit—especially with Max along. We need to ditch this van and find something unexpected to do. Steal an aircraft (can anyone fly?). Board a train but travel under the car (how would that work with Max?). Split the party (we all know how well that works!). Travel north instead and find some way to contact the ship. Disappear into the mountains and hide out for a year, waiting for the good guys to take over or an opportunity to reach the star port.


“I don’t want to hold you guys back,” Max says with a grimace. “I can do stuff and I’ll fight through the pain until we get through the cordon. I can heal up then.”

“I just don’t want to get shot again.”

There is a fork in the road ahead of you. According to the map, one road leads through open country while the other leads into a village of around 5000 people (presumably where the cops who were part of the roadblock came from).

If you go back, you are going to run into the cops from the roadblock who you have heard from the radio are in pursuit now.


We should turn towards the village, go 50 yards and pull off to the side of the road / back into a field entrance as much out of sight as possible. Wait for the pursuing cops to go whizzing by into open country, then follow them. They will have headlights, we will not. We may actually be able to follow for a little while until we lose the benefit of their lights (I have actually done this in a car whose lighting system failed at night).

It may be sometime before they realize they are no longer following us. If they double back, or another vehicle approaches from the rear, we should see them long before they see us. We may be able to turn into a field / side road before they run past us again. I guess this would require drive, stealth, perception skills?


LOL! I told you we shoulda just bonked em on the head!! Oh well, good try anyway guys!

@Jie LMAO! Dude, you know normally I’m the life of the space opera party! What can I say, felt sick this morning, must’ve been a 24 hour logic bug! Feelin’ better now…Nick? Can Grim armor the van in five minutes ala Mr T and also supertune the engine?

Seriously, while I disagreed with giving the enemy evidence of our existence by radio in the first place, I agree with Arvor on this one: staying still means death, moving precipitously means death. Lets see what we can accomplish cat and mouse style re: following them. In the short term this gets us away from the original site but what about the long term? Where are we headed before daylight comes and the choppers begin to look for us? We need cover from the air but we also need to be as far as possible away from here to attenuate the search radius.What about my idea regarding long term parking? If the village has a train station maybe we can swap vehicles there?

Wait…too few people in town to require long term parking at the station. Hell, Aunt Sally would just get a ride from Bob the Farmer for her pilgrimage on the train to see Orobid. Plus, won’t the police, even podunk types like these, be watching the station? Why am I attacking my own ideas with logic this way? I thought I was over the bug but it’s just gestated into a full blown infection!!! “Help me Jie!!” {Grim collapses, none of this fits any known engineering equation…}



The other alternative (to following them) would be to double back down the road they came from. They will assume we have taken full advantage of our breaching the roadblock and headed out of the cordon, so they will be focussed on setting up a new perimeter. We can go back, maybe even to the Lake area and go to ground for a bit.


It is the old “empty jailcell” trick that has everyone running around looking for us, when we never really escaped.


From radio monitoring, do we have any idea (from radio) how other units have reacted to what is going on? Are units being re-routed to expand / change the perimeter?


Serves me right for reading the Posts too fast. My plan depended on us having the cruiser and them not knowing about the van, but I thought we did. Back to the drawing board.

After this shindig I vote we get to the coast as soon as possible, steal a boat and stealthily ease out way to Southport. I don’t think any one has sail skill, however.

@Grim, “Every one stand back! He’s having a Brain Attack!” Jie knells beside the shuddering engineer who is spewing intelligent things like E=Mc2 and Always carry a dictionary. “I have to give him C.P.R. to the head!!!” Jie starts compressions to Grims cranium by bouncing it off the littered van floor. One of Arvors jerky wrappers sticks to his left cheek.


LOL! The jerky wrapper makes it !! We could head for a remote farm, park our vehicle under cover, tie up the occupants, drive away in their vehicle, lather, rinse, repeat. Provided we get out of our immediate predicament, that is…I call the the “Bonnie and Clyde” gambit. Course we know how that one ended…



Can we at all move cross country ie not on the roads? If its a military type truck it might have some OR capability eg WW2 trucks.

Inside the cordon it is just too easy to block us on roads. Even if we get through a block another one can easily be assembled a few miles ahead of us. Signalling our exact location with a gunfight or whatever makes this even easier.

So lets move off the roads (if Nick rules it possible).

I live in a large village of about 2000 people and believe me, everyone knows what everyone else is doing (or at least spies on them doing it), especially if they are strangers. I doubt if its much different in a place of the size described-there will be people out and about- poaching, working late, fishing, coming home from the pub etc etc. All of these people can notice things- mostly us, the item of topical interest. So I think if we get close to the village we WILL be noticed, if we haven’t been already.


Ah just read end of Log too late for current situation.


Let us examine things here.

We need to shake the chase. That involves ditching the van (preferably some place it will take them a long time to find), and getting a new means of transport.

I fancy switching modes of transport altogether. Horses don’t really buy us much (and we would attract attention riding around peoples fields) – and they don’t move fast, especially at night, and we lack riding expertise.

A boat is attractive – it is easy to drive, it is an unlikely choice so watches on waterways may well be slack, and theft of a boat may be some time before it is noticed. The other cool thing about a boat is we may be able to sink the van wherever we find the boat.

The lake we are near is almost 30 km across at its widest. If we make it to the lake, we should certainly be able to a) find a suitable boat we can steal, and b) find a spot do sink the van. From there, we can either strike north, back towards Twalarsk on the river (hopefully unexpected), and make it to sea that way, or south towards Krydol. Either way should get us outside of the cordon and into a mode of transport they are not looking for. With the size of the continent and the lake, the river is probably navigable to the extent it is shown on the map, and at TL 6 we should be at a sweet spot in terms of there being little but pleasure traffic (so no one would suspect such a getaway).


So from the above, I lean towards the double back after letting the pursuers pass us, and then making our way (new Nav roll) to the nearest (navigable) river or the lake itself.


BTW – sadly I probably won’t make Sunday’s session – I should be out hiking then. Apparently someone needs to carry Maddie’s palanquin.


(Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday – I had to pop to London for a meeting).

From the radio traffic you are hearing now, they are making the village you are approaching the new ground zero for the cordon area, alerting all of the cops within a 100km radius to block all roads and they are repositioning gendarmes by chopper now that they have a better fix on your location.

“I like Arvor’s idea of doubling back,” groans Max. “A boat would be good, as it’s not the most obvious vehicle to use to escape. If I can heal up for a while and the heat dies down a little, it will make things much easier.”

“I fancy getting three motorbikes and some camping gear,” he adds. “Once I’m better, then me, Jie and Will can drive with the rest of you riding shotgun on the back. It means that we could stay well off the main roads, travel at a decent speed each night. The only thing we’d need to keep an eye out for are choppers.”


The horses were of value to allow us to move offroad and hence through the Dragnet, rather than straight into it; but that route is blocked anyway now so acaedemic.

With horses or motorcycles its not a question of riding round fields-its a question of avoiding human habitation entirely and hence many of the issues we are facing.


The boat idea has us both (1) taking an unexpected mode of transport; and (2) doubling back, again unexpected. Its downsides are limited mobility if we are found out and, since they probably guess we’re heading for the sea, they may be looking for boats (at least on the ocean). Plus, we have no seafaring experience I believe. The boat will require fuel but could presumably be allowed to drift downstream to the sea if necessary and we can steal a sailboat for the ocean (but that would be much harder to drive with no seafaring).

On the other hand, Max’s motorbike idea has the advantage of greater mobility if we get xc models but is noisy and requires fuel. We’d also have to lay up for a few days, probably within this cordon, while Max rests up.

Horses are slow, but presumably can feed themselves, and would allow us to go into the mountains. Again, Max probably needs to lay up. Plus we have little horseback experience. It might be a toss up whether the cops think we’d head into the mountains (if we’re offworlders, it’s a loooonnnngggg trip to the downport; if we’re locals, it might be an obvious tactic and they’d be after us quickly).


In the end, Will votes for horses and the mountains. Worse case: we feed ourselves and have to fend off hordes of cops, but then I think it’s entirely reasonable that our characters would have seen First Blood 2573 so that should be no more than a trivial annoyance. Plus we get to make an epic overland trip while trying to build a workable broadcasting-encrypted radio out of Pavabidian mountain coconuts. But then, it’s equally reasonable that our characters will have seen the outstanding 48th century remake of the old Earth classic Gilligan’s Island, so a coconut radio should again be trivial as long as we can keep Gilligan (PC filling that roll to be determined) away from the thing. Will calls dibs on Mary-ann.


I suspect that Taeva rides. That makes two of us. Horse, unlike vans and boats can’t carry more than one passenger (and even that slows it down substantially).

We can’t ride horses at night, and anywhere clear enough to ride by day would be someone’s property – so we would be spotted. This area is pretty densely populated.

My wife rides, and I don’t know enough about horses to saddle one up and ride it off through rough country. I would probably get the bridle wrong, have a loose saddle, chase the thing around the field trying to get on, and then be thrown and break something. It’s one thing to have a tame horse all setup by an expert, and walk it round in a fenced enclosure. Another entirely to trail ride an unknown horse with god knows what equipment across rough country.

For anyone who wants to ride – you are welcome to it. I will wait until after an expert has selected my horse and saddled it up for me. And shown Max how he can ride without opening his stitches.


Riding motorcycles without expertise is no easier. I’m no rider but I’ve done trekking with horses and it wasn’t a great test of my lack of expertise (the horses were set up by people who knew what they were doing obviously). We don’t really have a choice but to try one or the other in my view.

There are pros/ cons vs. mototrbikes/ horses (fuel and noise but faster vs. more self sufficiency/ mobility).

The real decider is what we can actually get hold of- the horses behind us are closed to us now, so we will have to obtain either from scratch.


Agreed on obtaining either from scratch; this may ultimately decide our choice. But, if we have options at some point, I think we need to consider that the helicopters will be out in force now that they have a specific area to search. So, if we had our druthers, which would be easiest to move on (or in) at night- Horse, Boat, or Motorcycle/ATV?

Also, in all probability, from having grown up in (and from currently living in) “small ranch” country, I think what we can actually expect to find on a hacienda on modest means are 1-6 acceptable riding horses, a few breeders and nags, and 1 or 2 three/four wheel ATVs (nobody I know except for kids have two wheelers). Then again, these proles are much poorer than we here in Cali, so Nick will have to tell us what we roll up if we see a promising one. One thing is for sure; unless we find the town Honda dealership unguarded, finding 1 ranch or house with three good condition ATVs or Motos might be hard, whereas finding a single boat large enough for us all, as Dom pointed out, would be less problematic…



{Grim will arm wrestle Jay for Mary Ann}

As Jay pointed out a couple posts back, we may want to consider going to ground for few days? The obvious problem is where? Unless we can find an old, unused Pavabidian bomb shelter, lol…


Another thing to consider, if we’re heading for “deep” wilderness, is that we may be able to put togther a string of 7 or 8 horses, giving us a couple of spares (in case we get hungry or 1 comes up lame), while with Motos/ATVs we will be limited to 3, all double capacity (our number of drivers) with no possibilty of spares. This means that if 1 Moto/ATV breaks down, we’re all walking until we can find another ranch to rob. Further, horses are capable of being walked when they’re not being ridden, something very hard to do with an ATV or Moto on uneven ground for any length of time.

So, if the opportunity presents, I guess I vote for horses. A boat is too exposed on the water and ATV/Motos are too dependent on our number of drivers, as well as parts and fuel, both of which will be hard to find in the deep woods. The real problem with a horse is Max, who’ll have a minus 3 skill penalty, as well as a minus 2 Dex penalty (his Dex is still at 1), so we’re gonna have to strap him into the saddle ;-)

As to Max healing, only the boat (with him lying down) would be passive enough to allow him to heal. The good news is that, at least under the healing rules for active pursuits, he won’t lose any more health (1 point active healing minus his current END DM of negative 1 equals plus or minus zero :). If we can lay up for even 1 day, his END would return to 6, giving him a 1 point per day healing rate even when active, so finding that bomb shelter might be worth it, lol.

Grim/Ian (off to work for the next 13-14 hours so I’ll catch you all manana!)


To settle the arguments on horses versus other vehicles:

Drive (Wheeled) allows anyone with a skill to drive anything from a unicycle up to an artic.

With Animals (Ride), Jie and Taeva could set up the horses (providing they are trained and docile) and then help the non-riders to get on them and then lead them. There wouldn’t be any galloping or jumping though for those with no skills – just walking.

In terms of the bigger picture, you have a short-term and long-term problems to solve. The short-term goal is deciding where you intend to be when the sun comes up in six hours and you’ll need to hole up as the choppers would spot any more travel in the van.

Long-term is what form of transport you are planning on using to get you back to the starport.


We only need the horses to get us outside the dragnet- we don’t have to ride all the way on them and we can pick up the other options later on.

Going into the town with every cop within 100 miles heading to it as we’ve been spotted seems like a bad idea.

It is my understanding that we are 30-40 kn from the water body being discussed (clarify please). As Ian says its a Farm we need.

Fair to assume that come first light they will start scouring the area roundabouts so we need to move now, rest later I think.


OK guys, crunch time. Remember back on Avastan when the game started and we were (I was at least) kinda vague on the overall plan of stealing the ship back? Precious moments of game time was used to hammer down the details. We are some pretty smart guys and can overcome this particular problem of getting ourselves off of a planet of mourning brainwashed killer fanatics (No offense intended, Arvor). All of our plans have merit, we just have to commit to one of them and prepare for any ramifications.

Here’s what we know.
*The roads are poison to us. The police are everywhere.
*This van is poison to us. We got to ditch it fast.
*Max’s life hangs on a thread, he can’t rough travel long distances.
*If the authorities find out we are Off-Worlders, all starships will be destroyed and the mission failed.
*Mary-Ann was hotter then Ginger.

Again we all have good plans, we just have to choose which one, figure out the details and commit to it by game time. I am pro boat travel. How we get to a boat will have to be played by ear dependent on what resources we have nearby (horses VS. off road vehicles VS. hiking) and if Max can move without busting a gut. I’d like to think that 2 medics can keep close monitor on our wounded companion enough to keep him in the land of the living. Boating does have negatives but the bonuses are a steady healing situation for Max, speedier then over land with horses, less gas needed to be raided then off road vehicles and if William says if it’s OK- plenty of fish to eat.

At South Port we’ll ride the rails to the landing field and get in the same way we got out (minus the dead Waroo). It’s less then 16 hours or so till game time, we can do this!!

Rah Rah Rah (my online cheer) Russ/Jie


My suggestion:

-raid farm
-get horses
-head for forest 2-3 days/hole up at least one
-circle back to coast
-pursue boat option

As I say, my understanding is that the coast is 30-40 km away. We can’t really drive 3 km without getting caught on road.


So how about we find a horse farm (easy to spot even at night – different kind of fencing, characteristic barns/stables etc). We ditch the truck (which will easily be found unfortunately, so they will know exactly where we switched transport, and what we are doing).

Jie and Taeva round up some horses. Probably 8 would be a good number. We load up 2 with gear. The 6 of us ride to the lake, steal a boat and get far offshore by morning.

Distance (which I do not know) is a factor here. If we are within 20 km, it is doable. If we are 30-40 km away, we would have to shorten that distance in the truck first. That may also be doable. Driving in the dark, we can expect to see roadblocks before they see us. We can leave the truck (if we have to) before we run a roadblock, and hike around a roadblock, then hike overland until we reach a suitable farm.

Either way, by 10 am, I see us on a modest pleasure craft, with Jie sun-tanning on deck, Taeva on skis behind, and Will at the wheel in khaki shorts (and the other three below), just playing the playboy elites. We can actually take turns and get some sleep as we cross the lake.


@Steve – coast is about 300 km north, or 800 km east. The Lake is about 30 km away. Please look at the map, and acquaint yourself with the logs etc.


Dominic is correct about distances. You are probably around 25km from the lake as the crow flies; more like 30-40km on roads, especially as you are not taking the most direct routes so as to avoid the most likely spots for road blocks.


@ Nick, AWESOME session, dude. Thanks!


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