Mustered Out on Mertactor


Recceing the Route

After a good night’s sleep, everyone is up for breakfast as soon as it starts at 06.00. Their waiter always seems to be hovering over them and so they just talk about the joys of Orobid while they are eating.

Once breakfast is finished, they leave the hotel and head for some scruffy-looking gardens between the hotel and the next concrete housing block where they can finally talk and make plans for the day. Knowing that they only have 30 hours until Orobid’s arrival, they know that they need to have everything ready by the end of the day.

They decide that top priority is to work out where exactly the assassination will take place and so they decide to walk the entire route to check for good locations. Max heads off on his own, looking for a white van to buy that is the same make and model as the ones used by Pavabid Telecom. Taeva also heads off alone, heading for some agricultural goods suppliers in order to get some chemical fertilizer that she can make some small explosive devices from.

It’s the start of the rush hour now and so the party members follow the workers of Twalarsk as they pour into the nearest metro station, where they are crammed onto the underground train carriage and transported towards the downtown area. They follow Arvor’s lead as they change trains a couple of times before they finally emerge from the metro system outside the largest park in Twalarsk.

They start off looking at the location where the floating palace will appear in the park and then follow the route that the motorcade will take before it heads through the streets of Twalarsk on its way to the Cathedral where Orobid will preside over its inauguration.

It takes all morning to walk the route of the motorcade looking for the best location for the assassination attempt. Most of the route that the motorcade will take is unsuitable as the motorcade might be travelling too fast to get off a killing shot, or else it could be too difficult to get away after the job is done.

They come up with a short list of three possible locations. The park where Orobid will slowly descend from the floating palace is one option as it will take a while for him to appear. A second option is in front of the Cathedral as Orobid will be making a speech there and so there will be plenty of opportunity to line up a good shot. The third option is to shoot him while on the motorcade. The best opportunity here is around halfway along the route, when the motorcade will need to slow right down to turn a couple of sharp corners as it passes by the Twalarsk Schools Book Depositary and the grassy knoll alongside it.

Unanimously they decide that the third option is the best as there is likely to be a lot less of a police presence here because there are not so many people living and working in the vicinity. They stay in the area for a while checking out the different locations to work out their strategy.

By mid-afternoon, they have the bare bones of a plan in place. They head back to the hotel to get everything ready to put the plan into action.

Max is waiting for them in the lobby. He doesn’t say anything for fear of the hotel being bugged, but leads them outside the hotel out into the parking lot between several of the concrete housing blocks. Hidden from the blocks by trees, he shows them the vans that he has bought, to which he has now fixed the Telecom logos to the dark blue one. It all looks realistic enough. Taeva is inside the van, having met up with Max earlier. She has managed to make some small explosive devices from the chemicals that she bought earlier. Next to it is the other van that he bought, a white one the same as used as ambulances.

It’s getting quite late in the afternoon already and there isn’t a lot of daylight left and so the party members need to move quickly. Max drives Taeva and Grim back to the site of the assassination attempt. They get dressed in telecom overalls as they do so. Once they are close to where Arvor will shoot at Orobid, they choose a couple of telegraph poles which are quite hidden by the over-hanging trees. Grim climbs up the poles and attaches the explosive devices. Once Grim and Taeva are satisfied with the location, they head back to the hotel.

Meanwhile, Arvor and Jie, dressed as a married couple, have been out to buy a pram. Once they have one, they hide the rifle inside it, check out of the hotel and then hail a cab which takes them back downtown. They leave the cab a couple of blocks away from the small copse and head over there at dusk pushing the pram. Upon reaching the copse, they check the area, but find that there is no one around. Hiding the pram, the pair of them then shin up the tree which is closest to the roadway and try to make themselves as comfortable as possible (which is not very comfortable). Then there is nothing that they can do but to wait for what is going to be a very long 15 hour period.

Max meanwhile, has driven the Telecoms van back to the dacha area, parking it in the driveway of a tumbledown dacha with an overgrown garden which seems to be abandoned. He then takes a taxi back to the hotel to join up with the others.

As soon as Max is back, he heads out again, this time with Grim and Taeva. The three of them take a cab which drops them close to a hospital on the eastern side of the city. They check to see where the ambulances are parked and are pleased to see that it is no overlooked by the hospital. Taeva keeps an eye on the entrance to the hospital and gestures Grim and Max to go forward once the coast is clear. The doors to the ambulance are unlocked so they slip inside it and duck down. There are no keys in the ignition, but the primitive technology is no match for Grim’s skills and he is easily able to hot-wire it. Grim moves over and Max takes the driving seat. Without anyone from the hospital realizing what’s going on, the ambulance makes off, picking Taeva up along the way.

They drop Taeva off close to the location for the assassination attempt before making their way back to the hotel again. Taeva walks a couple of blocks to the Book Depositary. Upon reaching the door, she looks around to check that no one is watching. The door is locked, but the lock is a simple one for her to unpick and she is inside it in just a few seconds. She heads up to the top floor of the Book Depositary where she hides a small explosive device inside one of the shelves between some books. Quietly, she then heads back down, slips away from the Book Depositary and then takes a cab back to the hotel.

She walks around to the car park where she finds Grim, Max and William hard at work on making the white van that Max bought earlier into an ambulance. An hour later and their handiwork is complete. The four of them then drive the remains of the stolen ambulance to a piece of wasteland a few kilometres from the hotel where Taeva puts her final explosive device into the vehicle. This one, however, doesn’t go off and so she and Grim have to head back to the ambulance to set it on fire manually.

They then walk back to the main road and take another cab back to the hotel. Finally all of the preparations are done. It’s after midnight already and so everyone just heads up to bed to get some rest.


As you should have seen, I have put three maps up on a Wiki page so that you can choose which one you would like to make as the location for the assassination attempt.

Although I wrote that you all walked the route of the motorcade, it would not have been vital for all six party members to have spent the morning on the task. If some party members wanted to save time by doing something else during that time, then that’s fine – just let me know what you would like to do.


Cathedral seems like the easiest shot but security will be tough! Arvor?


Taeva will focus on a rapid exit. We also need to get back into the starport somehow.


Someone needs to buy our getaway vehicle. Max and Arvor need to find a used truck dealer in the suburbs where we can buy one in suitable colour for either Pavabid Telco, (and/or a car in the same colour or one in the ambulance colours).

So – who will be the patsy that we lure into the book repository while the real assassin can escape from the grassy knoll?

I would also like for us to buy some cheap fireworks – simple bangers would be fine. If we have two or three of us in the crowd, then as the shot is heard, the fire crackers can be set off to confuse people.

I have marked my preferred spot on the second map/image. I like it because it gives concealment, and is close to an excellent getaway spot (the parking lot and the highway). The problem with the repository is the likelihood of being bottled up in there after the shooting. It also give good shooting angles – the car will be moving towards the shooter with little sideways motion. The problem with the cathedral would be the security although the shot would be easiest. Plus he would probably be behind a lecturn that would give good cover.


So my thoughts are as follows – Arvor will find two or three spots among the trees, and ensure a clear field of fire down the road from each spot. Arvor and Taeva will take position the night before, and overnight in the trees so as to avoid having to pass through any security in the morning. I am thinking of having Jie arrive at the same area in the morning, to provide an necessary muscle after the shot. She could drive the ambulance, and park it in the parking lot right behind the trees. Grim, William and Max can be amongst the crowds with the firecrackers to create distractions / stir things up in general.

After the hit, we should disperse in ones and twos, and head back to the hotel at our own pace. We can leave the Telco truck near the hotel to switch into.


For Arvor and Taeva – we could buy a used pram, hide the rifle in the pram under blankets, and walk as a couple into the woods. The blankets would be useful for staying warm overnight, and the cover (minus rifle) can be resumed after the hit.

So – stroll beside the trees with pram. Slip into trees when not being observed. Hide pram under bushes. Choose suitable shooting spots, clear lines if necessary. Find overnight hiding spot(s) and make ourselves comfortable for the night.


Jie and Will should arrive in the morning in the ambulance car (as emergency paramedics in case anyone should faint in the glory of orobid’s presence). Park in lot behind trees, ready for all hell to break loose.

Grim and Max should be somewhere else (perhaps near the book repository), with fire-crackers in hand. Once they see Orobid fall, they should light fireworks and toss them out into the crowd, and try to disappear into the melee.

Tell me what you think – I am interested in any ideas at this time.


Because of the high law level, fireworks are not on sale to the general public. The only options would be to either make them yourself or else go to one of the licensed retailers and come up with an excuse as to why you want to buy them (Arvor would know that this will be tricky unless you can convince someone that you are city officials).

Everything else with Arvor’s plan seems fine.


You could also leave the rifle up in the tree if you haven’t thought of that already. Might delay them finding it for a bit.


What about a “heart attack” distraction? Provides some distraction at least locally around us and gives the ambulance an excuse to go screaming away with lights flashing.


That sounds good – we have to make sure it is our team that get to the “victim” first, though!


Understood re: fireworks. I like William’s heart attack plan better anyway. Max (I assume he has some deception) can actually fake it just as the motorcade appears without distracting the target – just the police and the crowd nearby.


Jie is cool with Arvors plan. Her only misgiving would be that after the Son of the Sun is killed almost everyone will want to blame those heritical Off-Worlders and Pavabid Down would probibly be locked down tight. Prehaps if we could somehow mark the Mule as owned by the Pavabid Democratic Front or leave behind a written note claiming responsability of the act by them, this may buy us time.

As for our escape, we should pick everyone up in the stolen/made ambulance and leave the scene lights and horns blaring. Go to where we left the Telcom truck and switch vehicles again leaving behind evidence that the P.D.F. was involved inside the ambulance. Drive the utility truck (which we would have all our gear including cold weather cloths and food for a couple of days) past the town of Filstoin to the port town of Chambras. There we …acquire… a boat to head south along the coast to Southport, some 2000 kilometers distant. Due to the low population of the village we probibly would stand out like a sore thumb so we sneak on to the next train to Pavibid Down and hope it is not on Lock-Down. Although Jie grew up on a water world she has no sailing skills, that could be a problem. Just an idea, what do you guys think?


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