Mustered Out on Mertactor


Two Days of Shopping

The remaining two full days in port saw the party members making preparations for a profitable trip to Dallia.

Max and Taeva spent most of the first day going around the many wholesalers in Searcheard looking for all of the items on Taeva’s shopping list ready for Pagaton. It is a long day for both of them, but by the end of it, Taeva has ticked off all of the items that she wanted and Jie helps unload them from the AGC into the hold of the Princess, which is now half full from Max’s purchases of trade goods the day before.

Grim spends the day finishing his monthly maintenance chores and hands Max a list of consumables that need replacing for his stores.

On the second day, Grim arranges refuelling while Max looks for some freight to fill the remainder of the hold.

By the final evening at the port, everyone gets together for another of Miranda’s dinners to report how they all got on.

“Got a juicy freight deal to Dallia,” Max reports as he spoons some more dessert into Raylene’s mouth while she sits on his lap. “Filled the remaining 30 tons at Cr. 1200 per tonne. Happy days.”

“I managed to fill all of the staterooms with high passengers, so that’s worth Cr. 72,000,” she smiles. “I am just missing one low class passenger. I’ve filled five of the six berths.”

The only one who doesn’t have good news to report is Arvor who was unable to find mail:

“Two or three days is just not long enough to go through all of the right agencies to find a contract,” he explains.

“No worries, mate,” Max replies. “We ain’t got room for it any more anyway. The hold will be filled to bursting when we get all of the freight loaded tomorrow.”

Knowing that it will be another early start the next day to prepare for the noon departure, everyone heads in early for the night.


Jie figures that a fat trade ship is a good target for space pirates, of which there’ll be plenty of where we’re going. She spends most of her time doing maintanance on the Princesses main Gunnery sections. Tweaking the Laser Battery sights and polishing the Missles.


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