Mustered Out on Mertactor


Learning in Jump

The party members settle into a regular routine during jump. Day times are spent on their own private learning routines, while evenings are spent in the common room where Arvor acts as teacher explaining the details of life on Pavabid.

Much of the time is spent role playing, with Arvor assuming the role of local police questioning the others on who they are and what they are doing. Unfortunately, through a combination of Arvor’s great experience when it comes to investigation and interrogation and the lack of the party members’ lack of local knowledge, he catches them out with disturbing ease. Over the days, however, they manage to last longer before he is finally able to catch them out.

It still makes the others nervous though.

The three crew members of the Tide is Turning are happy to leave the party members to their devices. They are friendly but very cliquey having studied together at Merchant Academy. They are equal partners in the ship and have been running the occasional errand for Collace’s NavInt for a while now.

They have received only minor details as to the party’s mission. They know that the party is going to infiltrate Pavabid for a while and that they are required to assist the party members in getting out of the starport and then wait for their return, but they have no idea as to what they should be doing while they get there. They realize that it is probably in their best interests if they know as little as possible about the mission and so don’t ask any questions.


Nick, Max specifies an anount of money for trade goods but I don’t see posted how much we got paid from sale of last lot?


If they’ve not been to Pavabid before as well to advise the crew not to flout ANY of the starport regs or they’ll end up in trouble. Also that the custom is to swop meals with other starship crews-BUT that one of the crews will be there to spy on offworlders (Traxalon Agents), and so they need to be extremely careful if they are to avoid jeopardising the mission.


Advised purchase: Extended Life Support for vacc suit gives 18 hours instead of 6 (10k). Not essential now, but advisable when you can afford it.


Can we check for companies that might use explosives if we have some sort of loacal database? It occurs to me that the sniper is unlikely to kill Orobid with one shot (Traveller’s rules-not mine).


Taeva got Cr.81,000 back off Max upon arrival in Collace.

Arvor would be able to explain that explosives are, not surprisingly, highly regulated on Pavabid. The only places that he would imagine getting hold of some would either be from one of the mining companies operating in the mountains north-east and south-east of Shebleharm, or military explosives from the barracks of the Action Section of the Gendarmerie (every major city would have such barracks).


ok and the Pavabid money is still to distribute?


Max took the 100k you were paid in advance, but you have the Cr.10k each in Pavabidian Francs on top of this.

I would keep it recorded separately from the rest of your money as this is for expenses. At the end of the mission you will have to pay back what you haven’ used or else it will come off your 150k success payment.


Don’t forget to tell the Tide’s crew about not snubbing any of the other crews on Fajita Night, that really seems to piss them off…

How likely are we to kill Orobid with the rifle? Given the technology level, I think Will, Taeva, and Grim between them can rig up a power outage or telecom outage as a diversion, but getting away does us no good if he’s not dead. Well, it does save our lives, but you know what I mean ;-)

For the getaway we need to buy a used ambulance, rent a garage near the scene, plan a diversion, and arrange the route, including extraction of the Sniper team.

For the extraction team in the ambulance Max should be the driver with Grim (Nav 1, Med 0) as the codriver. Jie (Med 1) and Will (Med 1) should pose as the paramedics. Arvor and Taeva should be wearing torn, bloody clothing underneath their black suits as they’ll pose as victims of a simulated blast.

The diversion should consist of two parts, a power and/or telephone outage (probably easy enough for Taeva to rig at this TL using a small bomb or primer cord with a simple wristwatch timer, planted where Grim feels it will do the most damage ;) and a loud “fake” explosion consisting of black powder (noise and smoke) situated so as to obfuscate the location and existence of the sniper team. This explosion will also provide us with the cover story that Arvor and Taeva are wounded civilians. While Security forces are heading towards the explosion site (placed behind the sniper team relative to the target), we’ll be heading away. All of this can be done with black powder, gunpowder, even simple fertilizer bombs. These materials also fit the modus operandi of low tech rebels. How easy is any of this to get as opposed to “real”, higher tech explsives like dynamite?

Any of this sound ok?



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