Mustered Out on Mertactor


Trading Places

Shortly after breakfast, an exhausted but happy looking Max arrives with a bubble-headed blonde on his arm.

“Everybody, this is Raylene,” he announces. “She will be travelling wiv us to Dallia.”

Raylene is henceforth referred to only as ’Max’s Whore’ by Autumn for the time she spends on the ship.

Max starts counting out Cr. 100 bills.

“Do I get a staff discount for bringing guests onboard?” Max asks Autumn.

“No,” Autumn replies venomously. “With my contacts here, I am sure that I can sell out all of the staterooms for high class, so that will be Cr. 12,000 if you want your ‘friend’ onboard.”

“Oh, all right then,” Max sighs as he counts the cash over to Autumn.

“Right then, darlin’ the gang will look after you while Daddy goes out to do some tradin’,” he says to Raylene. “Oh, maybe you want to get some cookin’ lessons off Miranda while you’re here. That breakfast you made me was shit.”

Raylene just grins.

He turns to Taeva:

“Oi, girl. You still got those ’we’re best mates with the Aslan’ badges that we got for getting their dustspice back? There’s a lot of Aslan traders ‘ere but they’re ‘ard to deal with normally. If I can flash the badge, I reckon that I can get a good deal on some stuff that Sunny’s mates will take off our ’ands for a good price on Dallia.”

Taeva hands over the runes to Max. He pops them in his pocket and heads off.

“When should we book our departure for?” asks Autumn.

“Noon on 157,” Max replies. “This is our manor and so it shouldn’t take long to fill the ship up.”

Will books the departure slot while Autumn starts work on looking for passengers. The Princess is due for her monthly maintenance and so Grim spends the day in the engine room. Arvor heads out looking for mail.

Max comes back in the evening grinning from ear to ear.

“Them Aslan badges worked a treat,” he said. “I managed to get 10 tons of Aslan sized survival equipment on the cheap. With Dallia’s corrosive atmosphere, I reckon Sunny’s mates will pay us a fortune for them. It’s about time we pulled off another big one after the Egypt run.”

“I got 20 tons of Survival Rations off the Aslan as well for a good price. Everything else they had is so low value that even with a discount we’re better off hauling freight. I’ve got the contacts which should pay top rates for truckin’ to Dallia.”

“Are you going to have time tomorrow to come shopping with me?” Taeva asks. “We should stock up on aquatic equipment while we are here.”

“Time I got, but we’re now gettin’ very low on cash after I bought all the goods, so don’t go too crazy.”

“OK, I’ll cross the lasers off the group shopping list,” she replies. “If anyone wants one, they’ll have to buy it from their own funds.”

“Right, I’ve earned my keep for the day,” Max says heading towards his stateroom. “All work an’ no play makes Max a dull boy.”


Autumn tuts under her breath and resumes her conversation with Miranda.

The party members are forced to turn the volume of the holomovie they’re watching as that evening’s entertainment up as high as it will go to try and drown out the groans and screams coming from Raylene’s stateroom.


Is this the kind of thing that you’re looking for to complete the inventory, Steve:

Whatever it costs in USD (including the outboard motor) is the cost in Credits.


LOL at Max’s antics.


Yes but that is Kiddie version. We are probably looking at a lifeboat standard vehicle with more capacity. I’m a bit out of touch but a 2-3 man rib in real money about 15K plus 3k for the engine. Double that for version we are considering plus add another engine is maybe 40k real money.

Will’s comments probably valid. W e might be better just hiring something.


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