Mustered Out on Mertactor


Life on the Falcon

Once the euphoria of their incredible escape from Avastan has worn off, everyone realizes that being stuck onboard the looted Grisst Falcon for another week is going to be a far from pleasant experience, with the only entertainment being to cram themselves in the common room among the army of bored stevedores watching holovid after holovid.

Jie checks the low-berths frequently to check that their occupants are OK. They seem to be working fine – although the crunch point won’t be until they are arrived once they arrive on Collace.

The rest of her time is filled with dining on protein paste (reminiscent of freshly baked cardboard topped with mud with just a hint of glue) and practicing Gun-Zen. This is slightly painful as it requires hours of stretching and holding gun wielding positions and her left shoulder is bruised purple and green and swollen. She really banged it up as her lead truck crashed into the main gate at the lowport of Avastan. “Maybe 80 kilometers an hour was a little too fast?” she thinks. As she goes through the Gun-Zen paces she calculates how many more jump long sessions it would take to become the most ultimate laser carbinest in District 268. After we reach Collace 46 more jumps… Dang!.

With little else to do, everyone else also spends the majority of their time on their personal training routines. Max continues with learning how to pilot an air/raft – he’s getting pretty good now (his not so successful driving of the truck into the barrier not withstanding).

He spends the rest of the time sucking on a protein paste tube hallucinating about what he’s going to do when he arrives on Collace.

“I’m gonna ‘ave an enormous rump steak – one from a real cow, an’ a black forest gateau an’ so many fackin’ cold beers that I’m gonna ’ave an ’angover that lasts for a week.”

As the week progresses, the hallucinations get worse, especially as supplies of the protein paste are starting to get low now and so they are forced to ration them to get through the rest of the trip. Everyone is counting the days until they finally get back to civilization on Collace.



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