Mustered Out on Mertactor


Keebles Delivers

The party members have a lazy day recovering from their injuries while waiting to hear from Keebles.

It’s early evening by the time that he arrives. Autumn opens the airlock door to find Keebles furtively looking around before entering the Princess. She notices that there is a small ground lorry with the logo ‘MinCol Maintenance Department’ on its side.

She escorts Keebles into the passenger lounge where the rest of the party is assembled waiting for him.

“OK, I have everything arranged,” he says. “Outside is a truck belonging to the Ministry of Colonization’s Maintenance Department. Your cover story is that you are life support engineers who need to chance the filters in the dome. You will find uniforms and toolkits inside. Here are your passes.”

He reaches inside his pocket and brings out a pass for each of them featuring the mugshots that were taken when they entered the prison.

“And here are permits for carrying your weapons in case you are stopped on the way to the dome,” he adds, producing more passes.

Finally he produces a simple map of the dome.

“This is all the intell I can provide you with,” he says. “It’s a small warehouse which used to store agricultural machinery. Quite what is in there today, I have no idea.”

“Any questions?” he asks.

The party members look at one another but it’s obvious that Keebles knows little more information than he has been able to provide already and so they tell him that they will just head there to check out the warehouse.

“Give me a call when you have more information,” he says and, with that, he heads back out.

Realizing that it will look too suspicious if they went in at night and still recovering from the last of their injuries, they decide to go in the following day and so have another quiet night in.



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