Mustered Out on Mertactor


Last Day on Avastan

It’s D-1.

As usual, everyone meets for breakfast in the Miramar and then take a couple of the trucks off to the warehouse to meet up with the stevedores, where Jie and Grim take them through their paces for the last time.

Until now, the party members have not given too much information to the stevedores for fear that on or more of them might betray them and alert the starport authorities to their plan. However, the stevedores seem very loyal – or else they are just really motivated by the idea of the free ride to Collace.

In the late afternoon, the party members go through the plan with the stevedores for the fist time, explaining what each of them needs to do. Some of them are pretty nervous about the plan, but Miguel reassures them, reminding them of what’s at stake.

They draw a big plan of the starport in the centre of the warehouse and go over the elements several times until everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when.

“‘Ave we decided when we’re going in exactly, yet?” Max asks.

“We know that the Gazelle will be furthest from here at noon tomorrow. But I’m guessin’ that we want to do the job in darkness, right? Dawn is at 6am, so what time is kick off going to be? say 4.00?”

Will reminds Max that the plan revolves around Grim and he getting onto the ship for a second inspection visit and it would look suspicious if they wanted to see it in the night. So they decide to make it as early as possible – at 7.00am.

The others agree and so Will gives the lawyer a call. He isn’t terribly happy about his wanting a second look, but reluctantly agrees, saying that he will call the maintenance yard to arrange it. He calls back a couple of hours later to say that it is all arranged.

During the afternoon, the party members head back to the Miramar to pick up all of their belongings so that they can make a sharp exit after they have taken care of the guards and brought out Captain O’Neill. They take the luggage back to the warehouse.

They discuss the best way of taking out the starport’s commos and decide that it is best if Taeva goes in alone. She asks Max is he can rent a grav/belt for the night. Max says that he’ll have a look around and see if he can find one. A couple of hours later and he returns in the pick up with a pack for her.

“‘Ere ya go, darlin’,” he says handing the grav/belt to her.

For the rest of the evening, there’s nothing much for the party members or the stevedores to do, other than to wait. The stevedores are getting pretty tense, although Miguel keeps calming them down.


4:00 am sounds good to me. Perhaps no partying tonight – we all want to be at our best.


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