Mustered Out on Mertactor


Checking on the SDB

The previous day had been uneventful. Grim had gone round to the API admin building to see if they might have had any suitable job opening which might have given him access to either the comms network or the generator. With both unemployment and corruption on Avastan being so high, jobs are very hard to come by unless you have friends in high places and so he is told that jobs are not available.

So the party members spend their time at the warehouse. Jie has been doing a great job with the drilling of the new recruits – the shambolic assortment of stevedores who were lucky to place a shot anywhere close to the targets are now able to handle the assault rifles OK, although a section of Imperial Marines would still make pretty light work of them.

William familiarizes himself with the controls of an A2 having not piloted one of them before. The Grisst Falcon being a newish model out of Glisten originally, it’s a very easy ship to fly.

Jie takes a break from training to work out the route. Having already liaised with the navigator of the Fair Rosamund in order to determine where the crybaby is going to be dropped, she works out the fastest route to jump heading in the opposite direction.

Arvor has been listening in on the Port Authority channels, keeping abreast on developments there. Everything seems pretty quiet at the moment, there seems to be no unusual activity at the port. Since the party arrived a week ago, several of the Free and Far Traders that were there when they arrived have departed, to be replaced by more Traders, with a couple of Subsidized Merchants docked now as well. There’s no new Naval Vessels around though to cause them any alarm.

It’s late afternoon when Arvor picks up the messages that he had been patiently waiting for. The crew of the Fair Rosamund were obviously good to their word as he picks up a lot of traffic between the Gazelle and the Port Authority. With great relief, he announces to the others that the Gazelle is leaving orbit, heading to the crybaby’s location.

With it being (hopefully) the party’s last full night on Avastan, they decide to hit the bars for one last night out among the dubious pleasures of the planet.


Is ‘The Plan’ neatly summarised somewhere?))


Arvor’s plan about halfway down the comments on day 131 is the most detailed one that has been written down to my knowledge.

There are still a fair few elements that are up in the air though.


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