Mustered Out on Mertactor


Loading The Crybaby

The party members crawl out of their beds, nursing large hangovers once more and then head back to the warehouse after breakfast.

Max loads up a crate containing the party’s spare gear and puts that together with the crybaby in the sandcaster barrel and loads it all on the pickup to take it for loading onto the Fair Rosamund.

He is back a little after lunch.

“Right, that’s that all taken care of then,” he says.

“By the way, while I was getting the crybaby onboard, I saw that pirate ship taking off. So that’s another problem out of the way.”

Max then sits with his handcomp, and sighs:

“We’ve spent Cr. 101,000 on this mission so far and that’s all of the party funds gone plus 15,190 that was my own cash. I’m skint now so I’m going to be asking for a loan if there’s anything else we need to buy.”

“Is there anything else now that we need to buy, or is that it?”

Although that’s all the major items of expenditure out of the way, William suggests that it might be better to get some additional medical supplies in because of all of the stevedores that will be coming with the group.

William chips in another Cr.15k to the budget while Arvor gives an additional Cr.9k, thus solving the party’s cashflow problems.

Max takes the cash and heads into the centre to purchase some medical supplies. He is back a couple of hours later with three field medical kits and also a couple of steel girders which Taeva had asked for. She then, with the assistance of Arvor, proceeds to spend the rest of the afternoon making simple but effective reinforced front fenders for the pickups so that they should have no trouble in crashing through the barrier to the maintenance yard.

William speaks to the stevedores while they are taking a break from Jie and Grim’s constant drilling, asking if any of them have any medical experience. While none of them are officially trained medics, he identified three of them who have at least some basic first aid skills and gives them each one of the field medical kits to take care of.

They continue training the stevedores until well into the evening and then call it a night when they see that the troops are getting exhausted.


So in order to ensure that the SDB is as far away as possible, you would need to hit the starport mid-morning on 139.

So you have another four days ahead of you to fill if you want to do anything else at this stage.

From the planning, I think the only thing that I didn’t quite understand is if you’re going to try and blow up the generator in advance, or if the Falcon is going to blast it if/when it takes to the air.

In order to occupy ourselves for the next five days of real time, can we try and nail down the loose ends of the plans so that we can make up for lost time next Sunday?


As far as the generator goes, I like Arvor and Jie’s plan to blast it from the air. It’s simpler than my original plan and has roughly the same effect, though the timing of the power outage is after the ship siezure, rather than before. I do think Grim should see if it is at all feasible to mess up the starport comms system before we strike, as this will slow both the response to us on the ground and any call to the SDB to return. This can be done in either of two ways, Grim can get a job at Avastan Starport (or Avastan Comm) as a tech and sabotage the system with delayed explosives attached to crucial fuses and relays, or Taeva, Grim, and Arvor can accomplish the same thing by secretly planting said explosives the night before we leave. Either way, lets make sure their comms are going down as we’re starting to move..


(Taeva still has satchel charges, but we may need to buy timers and triggers to set them up with. Grim has a few grand he can donate if we need to buy this stuff.)


William has up to Cr.37k he can add to the cause. At minimum he’ll talk to Max about at least splitting the Cr15k overspend to date.

I think we need to take out comms prior to causing any ruckus, otherwise a message is likely to get out to the SDB or somebody else before we shut it all down. Grim getting a job at the starport has some risks but also gives us the opportunity perhaps to learn more about starport ops. However, Grim might also be recognized as the engineer working for the potential buyer of the Falcon. Perhaps he can claim to be a contractor for the buyer.

One risk with taking the generator out after the ruckus starts is that there may be private comm systems that we don’t know about. It might be safer to take both comms and power out at the start of the assault—it also sows some confusion in the guards and won’t provide any real warning if we attack coincident with the power/comms cut.

William is thinking we may also need more medical supplies as we may have to look after wounded stevedors. He will talk with Max about getting some cheap deals on the necessary gear.


William will also familiarize himself with the manual for the Falcon, especially the manoeuver drive (William has Engineering (m-drives) 1) to see if he can figure out a way to “over-clock” the drive to help us get away a little quicker. He’ll ask Grim for help on that too.

Finally, he’ll work with whomever (I don’t think anyone has Astrogation though???) to plot the quickest flight path to the 100D limit. Presumeably that will be in the opposite direction from the SDB. As we’ll almost certainly be hitting jump with a large vector opposite the direction we want, we might have a longer trip into Collace when we get there. He’ll ensure our fuel and life support will allow for that. Given his (and I believe the party’s) lack of skill on that, he’ll take all the time necessary to maximize the roll if one is required (i.e., 4 days less the time for the other stuff he’s doing).


It would seem strange that the ex-Imperial Marine has level 1 Astrogation. She is full of surprises though. In fact, at first the stevedores were enamored of the idea to be ‘trained’ by Jie, the short exotic looking dancer from the bar who could drink them under the table. They stood in a rag tag line on the first day of instruction, slicking back their long hair and grinning while nudging each other in the ribs. When Jie showed up in full battle gear, however it was readily apparent that she was here to teach them the Way of the Gun and her cold, deadly eyes held no trace of late night amusement. William and the rest of the crew had seen her in the last couple of days whipping on the hired men, continually berating and smacking them into shape until a few of them could actually crouch/run/fire. Eventually the bunch of dock side slackers merged into a semi cohesive team that was able to follow a few basic commands without killing themselves.

Jie used the same techniques with astrogation. She sat at the computer console knowing what had to be done then with a much quieter determination she took the random data of spatial sub-quantum relationships and bound them together with the set formula of charted space/time then worked it around a theoretic model of the local gravity wells. Much like the gun toting stevedores, the end result wasn’t pretty, but it would do. With a shy smile Jie hands William the plot to the quickest flight path to the 100D limit then turns and screams at the troops to start magazine reloading drills.


Taeva has no money-it all being tied up in the trade goods


Apparently I have the ability to edit Nick’s NPC’s so shall I up the captains stats to 12s and 15s?


Max too


Why stop there? You can also write your own story as part of the adventure log so that Ian’s battle report becomes a reality!

I think pretty much the whole of Obsidian is set up like a Wiki where any player who’s part of the game can change anything unless the GM specifically sets it up so they can’t.


Really? You’d let Steve do that? Dude, you rock! Wait, isn’t that cheating? Fine, the little voice inside my head that (all too often) sounds like Jie says we should do it the “hard” way. Lower all his stats to 1, Steve, then lets see how our trade deals go…lol!

Seriously though, the “player edit” feature, at least on the wiki and Log pages, is such a cool concept. Last game I wrote almost all of Nick’s logs using it. No really, the lazy bastard hardly had to hit a keystroke… ;-)

Anyway, we’re ok for cash, at least for now. The question remains, what to do with the spare time? We’ve got the ram equipped trucks, the militiamen, er, I mean stevedores, with their AKs and Flak jackets. Are we (and by “we” I mean Taeva, Jie, and Arvor) ready to spring the captain in a few days? What’s the consensus regarding infltrating and sabotaging the Avastan Comms network by Grimand Co.? If we go with “infiltration” over pure “sabotage”, I’d like Will’s help with the Comms computer system…



@nick / Taeva – I don’t know if my post about us welding steel-pipe bumper frames on two of our pickup trucks got caught.

@william/theprofessor – I guess you missed my post about getting a stretcher and med-kit for each ground car, and training our blokes in “no one gets left behind” and first aid?

Also – we will need to refuel at the gas giant before we can jump, so navigation from here to there would be the first order of business – which we have conveniently arranged for the SDB to be in the opposite direction to.

I tend to post under the specific adventure log that my post refers to in time order. Perhaps I should just post to the latest no matter what?


I also tended to post to the appropriate log, but have since abandoned that approach as being too difficult for others to follow. I still post “In Character” to the correct log, but otherwise I try to just go with the latest.

Agree on Gas Giant as first destination, running out of gas would be bad, lol.



I too tend to look only at the latest adventure log so I missed your suggestions. William will indeed get the suggested stretcher/med-kits for the cars and will ensure everyone receives first aid training. The gas giant could be a potential problem as, IIRC, it takes quite a while to fuel up. William will double check that we have the time to do that while the SDB if off chasing geese.


Actually I forgot that there is water on this planet and so you will be able to scoop and shoot providing that no one is chasing you.


Do you always have to add ‘providing’? I’m beginning to think you’re hinting we might run into trouble.


After missing last Sunday’s session, it means I need to ensure that there is double the amount of pain, suffering and humiliation in the next one to make up for it!

Unfortunately the session after that – Sunday 29 January – I’m not going to be able to make as it is my last night in Egypt and I’m going to be running around like a maniac and will have ripped the hard drive out of my PC by that time as it is too heavy for me to take.


Arvor scans inter-planetary comms for vessels in the vicinity. Sets up a simple program to record vessels communications.


@william,grimm – no worries. Is it just me that feels like we are on an “A” Team mission? I could see Grimm as “Mister T”. William would have to be “Howlin’ Mad” Murdoch. No roles for the ladies though.


You guys got me thinking about my posting style. Up until this game I have never posted in a forum. Likewise I’ve avoided Play by Post, it just seems so dreadfully slow. So my style of posting is probably infantile. First off I try to scan the game at least 2 times a day, waiting for a chance to show my incredible intellect to fellow gamers. This usually doesn’t happen because I read the stuff right after a 12 hour night shift and an hour long ride back to home (I find this time to not be a good posting time ‘cause I’m so drag ass tired, like now) or right before I go to work (which leaves me no time to think of anything really cool to say). If I totally agree with something someone else states I usually remain quiet as to not muddy the idea, like Arvors’ Medical stretchers and wielded truck grills. This seems such an obvious thing to do I just assume we do it. Or when Max sniffs out some cargo, Jie hasn’t a clue about trade goods so she goes with it. If I have something to say (as now) I bring up Microsoft Word and type it in there first to kill all the spelling mistakes. (I spelled increadable this way, really guys I totally suck at spelling) So then I figure what the hell, if I’m in a word processor, why not type a whole bunch of stuff!! Then I find that I type so slow that a newer Log Post has started. I just post it were it should be and message Nick to it’s existence.

I try to talk as my character as much as possible because as it was pointed out before Nick inserts our stuff into the Forum in such a manner as to make us all sound very cool. My characters skills are for anyone to use (quite yer damn grinning Grimstead !!) so if Will needs an astrogator to sling shot us around a gas giant to scoop fuel as we use its huge gravity well to accelerate to the jump point then he can type in that Jie does it. Well, I’m gonna head off to napping now. Hope I haven’t bored you all with my sleepy time typing.

@ Nick; I hope everything goes well for your end of the month move! Good luck, man!


By the way, if anyone has any advice or interesting styles for posting in official forums please let me know, Russ (I notice I don’t do a whole lot of :) thingies, but my smile is always there!)


Hi Russ, don’t put yourself down. There is no right or wrong way to participate in a game like this – the only compulsory element to it is that everyone should have fun participating in any way that they want to play.

Personally I have to say that the misadventures of Jie on her drunken nights out on the town have been some of the most entertaining posts that we have had in this game to date!

Generally I like to keep the game moving at a rapid pace because I too have participated in some PbP games where the GM stops the action every five minutes with questions like “Fred’s bladder is full after half an hour in the bar. Does he go to the restroom? If so, does he use the cubicle or the urinal?”

OK, so if his archnemesis was waiting for him in the restroom, then fair enough, but otherwise I like to move things along until such a point that decisions are necessary that will have a significant impact on the party’s situation. I have the attention span of a small rodent and so lose interest if there’s nothing much to do for too long.

At the moment we’re in a non-typical situation, solely because my bloody internet went off on Sunday. There really isn’t much for the party to be doing at the moment because we need to get on Gametable to move things forward, which is why I haven’t really posted anything much since Monday.

So there’s no need to agonize over the small details this week – it’s not as if I’m waiting for anyone to do anything or I’m going to penalize you because of some minor detail that we can all assume was taken care of already.

In summary – everyone’s doing great – keep up the good work!


@nick – ditto for Arvor, really like everyone’s input. Slow week on the net, as Nick says. Everybody has “pre game” nerves!


Arvor will transfer CR 9k over to Max to complete any further purchases. Also, will check local net for a body of water without any nearby habitation for refueling before final departure – get coordinates, feed them to Jie. Hopefully the Falcon has partitioned fuel tanks so we can run on what we have out to far orbit, refining what we have just picked up as we head out to 100D.

I would hate to jump on contaminated fuel, or to clean out the fusion filters after sucking up some raw pond scum – the worst kind of parting gift from a hell-hole like this.


Might be worth monitoring comms in case the Pirate goes for out crybaby equipped merchantman
-with all our gear on board


There shouldn’t be too much of a risk of the pirate catching the merchant as it was going to fire the crybaby just before jumping out of the system.


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