Mustered Out on Mertactor


Finishing the Crybaby

The party return to the warehouse to continue with their activities of the previous day – working the crybaby and training the stevedores.

Just after lunch and they have the crybaby ready for action. They just need to find someone to deliver it now.

They continue drilling the stevedores until 19.00 then decide to call it a day with them. They’re doing pretty well.

As the party member have spent the past couple of evenings in, everyone is up for another good night out and so they head into the bar area. This time they’re not looking for guards though – they’re looking for spacers who might have come from, and be heading back to, Collace.

They finally find what they are looking for after spending three hours in five bars – the crew of Far Trader Fair Rosamund which will be leaving Avastan for Collace in 36 hours, which means they can fire the crybaby on 138. The crew of the Far Trader hate Avastan as much as the rest of the party does and so have no hesitation in agreeing to fire the crybaby before jump as long as the price is right. Max negotiates the price at Cr.6,000 – that’s Cr.1,500 for each crew member, plus they will ship the party’s spare gear back to Collace for the regular price of Cr.500 for the ton.

The party members shake hands with the crew of the Fair Rosamund and spend the rest of the evening getting elegantly wasted with them.



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