Mustered Out on Mertactor


Training the Stevedores

After breakfast, the party members take the trucks to the location that Grim specified for 11am. As promised, Miguel has assembled 16 of the stevedores who all pile into the trucks where Max leads them all in convoy to the location of the warehouse.

The others lead them into the warehouse, but Max heads off again as he has more shopping to do. He leaves Cr.18,0000 to pay the stevedores as a sign of good faith (double for Miguel as he’s the boss).

While Max is gone, the others tell the stevedores that they have one last chance to change their minds. If they want, they can leave now. If not, then they aren’t going to be allowed to leave the building for a week. None of the stevedores leave though – they all want their ticket to Collace.

Arvor and Grim then proceed to tell the stevedores about the mission. Some of the stevedores are a little nervous when they hear the audacity of the plan, but Miguel calms them down – reminding them of the great life that should await them when they get to Collace.

The party members then tell the stevedores that they will spend the next few days under the instruction of Jie and Grim, who will whip them into shape and teach them how to use an assault rifle in case they haven’t had much experience of them.

Max arrives back mid-afternoon, his pickup laden down with goodies. Inside is Cr.1,000 of rations to feed the stevedores for the next few days, plus weapons and flak jackets for them all.

“That’s another Cr.9,000 for the assault rifles plus ammo, Cr. 5,000 for Improved Flak Jackets for each of them plus another grand for these two little items.”

He hands Grim and William a body pistol each.

“Right, better pick up the stuff for the crybaby now.”

He heads off again, but is only gone an hour, returning with the materials that they previously bought for the crybaby. Arvor starts to put it altogether.

The warehouse is a hive of activity for the rest of the day, with the Jie and Grim instructing the stevedores, while Arvor and William carefully put together the material for the crybaby. They continue working at the warehouse until 9pm, by which time the stevedores are pretty exhausted and so they leave them for the night.


Grim – or someone with mechanical skills should re-inforce the front end of a couple of the pickups – for gate ramming. Just a few steel tubes in a large grill will do the trick.

Also, we should pick up 4 collapsible stretchers, and 4 group medkits (one for each truck). We will actually train the squads in grabbing any wounded, getting them into a vehicle (or starship) and basic first aid. Although this may seem like exagerating the danger, we should position it that we care about them, and we want everyone to make it alive and together.


Oops – actually, Arvor and Taeva will weld the grills onto two of the trucks (just reviewed who is skilled in what).


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