Mustered Out on Mertactor


Buying from KwikBite

Once again Max and Autumn are busy again, spending the whole day out on their various tasks for the day. Jie also arrives back after the tour to the research institute. She was particularly impressed with the vast 36 tons sea months they had on show. She has heard of such similar creatures on Pagaton, but never had the chance to view them up close before.

“Your goin’ to be OK for your KwikBite fix for the next trip,” Max informs her. “I did a a deal their export division for 20 tons of the rice cakes and 8 tons of rabbit burgers. They wanted to sell me a bunch of rabbit skins as well though but I passed on them. The prices were OK but the margins on those things are so low that we’d be better off hauling freight instead rather than the petty cash we’d make on them. Hopefully I’ll find something a bit more lucrative to ship tomorrow.”



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