Mustered Out on Mertactor


Selling the Cargo

After their quiet night in, the party members are up at a sensible time for breakfast. Afterwards, Jie sets off on her excursion to the Maritime Research Institute, while Autumn and Max get busy.

While Max is out schmoozing, Autumn arranges the customs clearance for the cargo which is being air-freighted in from Lorton. The flight arrives early in the afternoon and, by 17.00, Autumn has managed to get the goods cleared through customs and unloaded in a warehouse in the startown.

As soon as he gets confirmation that the goods are cleared, Max brings one of the potential buyers in to inspect the cargo. There’s a fair bit of haggling done during the next couple of hours, but they shake hands on the deal a little later in the evening.

A tired Max returns to the Princess to let them know how it went.

“We did alright on the deal,” he says. “Made a couple of hundred k on the cargo and managed to get 50% of book value on the air/raft. It’s that bloody metallic pink colour that keeps putting them off. Anyway, I’m just glad to get rid of it finally.”

“I’ve made last month’s mortgage payment and we’ve over 900k in the bank so we’re doin’ alright again. So off to spend it tomorrow to try and see if there’s anything around we can make a bit on when we sell in Egypt – not that we’re likely to make a lot on the agricultural products that’s all Overnale has to sell.”

“So when shall we set our departure date for?” asks Autumn.

“Noon on 129?” Max replies. “Gives me a good couple of days to find some gear to sell and you to find some punters.”

“Fine with me,” Autumn replies. “How about the rest of you?”

The others are all happy to get off Overnale as quickly as possible now providing that they maximize their revenue possibilities. They have another quiet night in as both Max and Autumn are feeling tired.



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